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The diversity of individual employee’s tasks often puts businesses to the test. They have to guarantee the safety of their staff and, at the same time, ensure the workwear satisfies all requirements. We’re happy to take care of this task for you. Our multi-standard clothing offers the wearer fivefold protection of the highest calibre in one go. It goes without saying that our personal protective equipment (PPE) fulfils the safety requirements of all the respective standards. With its high-quality fabric and light weight, it exceeds all current standards in multifunctional protection. In addition, thanks to the professional reprocessing and inspection of the clothing, we ensure that your employees stay protected for the long term. When developing PPE, the focus is just as much on the strictest safety requirements and wearing comfort as it is on modern design. 

The Profi Line Protection and Delta Multiprotect collections are furnished with certified protections for welders and against heat and flames, chemicals and arc faults, plus they boast electrostatic properties. For improved visibility, we also offer Delta Multiprotect High Vis with additional high-visibility elements. 

Delta Multiprotect

  • Corresponds to the DIN EN ISO 11612, DIN EN ISO 11611, DIN IEC 61482-1-2, DIN EN 13034 Type 6 and DIN EN 1149-5 safety standards
  • Clearly visible standard symbols
  • Adjustable cuffs, stretchy braces
  • Variety of pocket solutions including for kneepads
  • Available as: Work jacket, work trousers, dungarees, overalls and work coat. In addition, certified basics such as polo shirts and shirts are also available
  • Colours: 2
  • Fabric: 31% polyester, 28% modacrylic, 20% aramid, 20% rayon, 1% anti-static fibres
  • Unisex: Suitable for everyone


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