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High visibility and weather protection

More safety by day and night

CWS high visibility and weather protection

High visibility clothing: An absolute must when working in hazardous environments

Fluorescent background material ensures optimal visibility during the day, whilst retroreflective material (reflective stripes) catches people’s attention better at dawn/dusk and in the dark.​

​The sharp contrast between the clothing and surroundings generates the protective effect. The high-visibility clothing from CWS is ideal wherever your employees need to be noticed and seen quickly in order to avoid accidents.​

​CWS offers you a modern range of sustainable high-visibility clothing with perfectly matching weatherproof garments.​ Included in our rental service: continuous maintenance and regular inspection of the brightness of the reflective stripes – for your safety.

CWS Alpha HighVis

Alpha HighVis

Environmentally friendly, resilient and breathable high-visibility clothing with EPD® environmental product declaration and textile UV protection

CWS Core Line HighVis

Core HighVis​

Right on trend: Skin-friendly basics with integrated UV protection made from sustainable materials

CWS Pro Line HighVis

Pro Line HighVis​

Bestseller with large range of items and colours that sets absolute quality standards with its high-quality functional materials and practical detail solutions

CWS Profi Line Outdoor

Profi Line Outdoor​

Sturdy, high-performance fabric with reflective elements and GORE-TEX membrane for working outside in the cold and wet

In the words of our expert

Buying good protective clothing for your staff is not sufficient. It also needs to be reprocessed and inspected professionally and regularly to ensure it protects its wearers in the long term.

Werner Münnich, Category Lead PPE at CWS
Werner Münnich

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