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Chemical protective clothing

Protect employees from chemical burns when handling chemicals

Protect chemical workers from chemical splashes with standard-compliant workwear.

CWS chemical protective clothing features downward-facing, extra-tear-resistant (cut) seams that allow liquids and chemicals to bead up and ensure they don't get caught in the clothing. A lightweight polyester fabric is used that protects against liquid chemical splashes.

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    Absolutely observe: If your protective clothing comes into contact with chemicals, you must remove the clothing immediately to protect your skin. Liquid chemicals can penetrate the fabric in the event of prolonged contact. After such an incident, chemical protective clothing must always be professionally cleaned or replaced if necessary. The service of CWS Workwear offer you the necessary safety through regular checks, spare parts stocking as well as the professional reprocessing of the clothing.

    Conductive chemical protection

    • Robust polyester fabric in a lightweight quality (240-300 g/m²) that allows liquid chemicals to roll off

    • Downward-facing, extra-tear-resistant (cut) seams for highest possible protection against liquid chemical splashes

    • Also protects against sprayed or splashed chemicals and chemical burns; gowns also protect against electrostatic charging

    • Certified according to EN 13034 chemical protection, type 6 and EN 1149-3 as well as EN 1149-5

    • Available in this collection: work jacket, work trousers, dungarees, work shirt, smocks/coats (men/women)

    • Color: Grey or white (smocks/coats)

    • Unisex: Suitable for men and women

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    Frequently asked questions about chemical protective clothing

    Are you unsure whether you need chemical protective clothing? Here you will find frequently asked questions and our answer to them. Perhaps your question is also included. If not, please contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you personally!

    When is it advisable to use chemical protective clothing?

    In short, whenever your workers come into contact with small amounts of chemicals and may be exposed to chemical splashes. CWS chemical protective garments have seams that are designed to repel liquids and chemicals, so they don't get trapped in the garment.

    Are there different protection classes for chemical protective clothing?

    Yes. Depending on exposure, there are six different types of protection: gas-tight/non-gas-tight, liquid-tight, spray-tight, solid particles, and limited protection against liquid chemicals. 

    Chemical protective clothing protects the wearer in the event of possible exposure to light chemical sprays, liquid aerosols or low-pressure impinging splashes.