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Flame retardant, highly visible multifunctional protection

This flame retardant high-visibility garment provides up to 7-fold multi-functional protection for all workplaces exposed to multiple or changing hazards such as flying sparks, exposure to acids, bases or solvents, or flowing traffic.

Durable, heat-resistant, high-tech protective clothing made from an innovative blended fabric.

In the "Delta Multiprotect HighVis" collection, you can choose between two fabrics: with cotton and modacrylic or with aramid, polyester and a viscose fiber made of cellulose. While the cotton-modacrylic blended fabric impresses with excellent protective and wear properties, the blend of polyester, aramid, viscose and modacrylic additionally offers special tear resistance. We use aramid from the world market leader DuPont, which developed these fibers in 1965 and brought them to market maturity under the name Kevlar®.


Aramid fibers have high specific (weight-related) strength, low density, high impact strength, good heat resistance and dimensional stability. They can absorb energy and heat well; on contact with flames, the fabric inflates, gaining volume and protecting the wearer.

  • Workwear with high performance synthetic fibers

  • Excellent protection against electric arcs

  • Excellent wearing properties

  • Excellent price-performance ratio

  • Complies with standards: EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 11611, EN 61482-1-2, EN 13034 (type 6), EN 1149-5, EN 20471 (class 2)

  • Protects against heat, flames, sparks, welding beads, electrostatic charge, electric arcs, acids, bases and solvents

  • Heavy quality with 320 g/m² fabric weight

  • In this collection you will receive: work jacket, trousers, dungarees, parka, fleece jacket

  • Colors: Hi-Vis Orange and Hi-Vis Yellow

  • Unisex: suitable for men and women

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