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Smart: multiple protection in every single garment

Innovative fibers and lightweight fabrics offer modern multinorm protection and excellent wearing properties

Multifunctional protective clothing

Discover the new generation of multifunctional protective clothing

Most workplaces present a multitude of risks at once: Burns from contact heat and flames, burns from hazardous materials, burns from deflagrations in explosive environments, heart and nerve damage from electrical runaway. That's exactly why you need workwear that offers a multitude of protective properties at once.

Is the workplace sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors? Do you have to weld or axe from time to time? Do you frequently adjust your shift and work schedules because you have to react to unforeseen developments? The last thing you probably want to think about then is whether the employee is wearing the right work clothes. Multirisk or multifunctional protective clothing meets several legal standards at once. (Multinorm) protective clothing protects like a "tank", but nowadays it is usually just as comfortable to wear as cotton. CWS Workwear relies on innovative textile fibers and lightweight fabrics, which convince with great wearing properties in addition to the required protective characteristics. All CWS collections -- for all workplaces -- are color-coordinated, by the way, so that your workforce can be recognized by uniform clothing.


Profi Line Protection

Climate-friendly workwear with multiple protection based on natural fibers - with outstanding protective and wear properties

CWS Delta Multiprotect Model wearing Shirt

Delta Multiprotect

Pleasant to the touch blended fabric made of cotton and an inherently flame retardant, self-extinguishing fiber

CWS Delta Multiprotect HighVis - Female Model Studio Shot

Delta Multiprotect HighVis

Durable, heat-resistant high-tech protective clothing made from an innovative blended fabric

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