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We make your employees look their best

No matter what industry you’re in – from retail and gastronomy
to transport or security services – our range of clothing and
uniforms make your employees look great day after day.

CWS service- & business clothing

Professional clothing for the perfect first  impression

The all-decisive first impression lasts 100 milliseconds. For this to succeed, work clothing needs to look smart and presentable. This is especially true for your customer-facing employees. At CWS, we offer service and business clothing that are guaranteed to make a positive first impression on your customers. Our garments are made from high-quality materials, in which your employees feel comfortable while simultaneously making them look presentable, even after a long day’s work. You can count on our smart-looking workwear to make a great visual impression.

What we offer you

Comfortable, high-quality material

Even after a long working day, trousers, jackets, and skirts still look perfect and crease-free. The special fabric blend is dirt and water repellent. The 50% virgin wool content provides a classy look.

Clean and neat clothes at all times

Business attire must always be immaculate. With the CWS service, your employees always have clean and appropriate outfits in their wardrobes. We pick up dirty clothes and exchange them for fresh ones. That's one less thing to worry about!

Hygienic laundering process

Do your employees wash their work clothes at home? You're better off leaving it to our professional laundries. With us, the laundry is guaranteed to be cleaned hygienically and appropriately for the material - thus ensuring longer durability.

Logo service for your custom design

Make your brand visible on your employees' jackets, blouses, and shirts. On request, we can attach your company logo and employee names to your workwear. The CWS embroidery and emblem service makes it possible.

Das bieten wir Ihnen

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If you would like to know more about us or our clothing products and services, please feel free to arrange a meeting with us.

Our collections

Business Fashion – modern, timeless, and fits all body types

Elegant or casual? Our collection offers both. Trousers, blazers, blouses, and shirts are available in either slim or classic fit. Ties and scarves round off the business look.

More about Business Fashion

Uniforms – a unique appearance

With uniforms in your corporate design, your employees become brand ambassadors. Airlines, transport companies, and public authorities outfit their teams in our uniforms.

More about Uniforms

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