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Showing competence

Clothing is one of the most important social signals you send out. Especially when working in service professions. Workwear from CWS signals competence.

Workwear for gastronomy, hotel business, catering and the food retail trade

The focus is on people

What is true in your industry is also true in ours. When your employees feel good, the guest feels good. It is the human being who is at the center of your work, and at the center of ours.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword. It is the foundation for future generations. With CWS Workwear you rely on a concept that we proudly call "enkelfähig". Besides, your team is perfectly dressed. Learn more now!

CWS Scandic Line Collection in Dark green colour choice

Scandic Line

Beautiful by nature: opt for the latest generation of sustainable workwear with this collection. 100% ecological materials and the trendy Scandi design make it easy for you to become an environmentalist!

CWS Boston Line Collection Bib Apron Denim Look

Boston Line

Make a fashion statement for true craftsmanship and authenticity - with the indestructible jeans look of the "Boston Line". This collection is inspired by the inventive spirit and the spirit of optimism of the gold rush years in the USA when Levi Strauss developed the legendary prototype of all work trousers.

CWS Asia Line collection in dark blue

Asia Line

There is power in tranquillity. The main feature of "Asia Line" is its calm and restrained presence. The deep, almost violet blue tone of this collection enchants with its deep and mystical colouring, which is reminiscent of a midnight sky and radiates a calming effect. Modern workwear for catering, retail, bakeries, pastry shops, hotels and many service professions more.

CWS Bahamas Line collection for gastronomy, hospitality, grocery stores

Bahamas Line

Welcome your guests in our "Bahamas Line" collection just as you would expect it from the island group that gives it its name: with a full load of warmth, beauty and luxury. The Caribbean flair of the "Bahamas Line" signals hospitality, fun at work and a carefree attitude to life. Discover the practical aprons, pre-ties and chef jackets in this collection.

CWS Coast Line collection for Catering and Food Retail

Coast Line

The "Coast Line" collection is characterised by its classic look, which alludes to the nobility of the sophisticated seaside resorts on the North and Baltic Seas. Also characteristic of the "Coast Line": the pinstripes. The fine pattern is a universal sign of professional business acumen. The choice is bib aprons, bistro aprons and vest skirts.

CWS Amalfi Line collection, Catering and Food Retail

Amalfi Line

Meet challenges the Italian way: with a smile! The "Amalfi Line" conjures up an Italian attitude to life in your enterprise. This collection is inspired by tourism on the Amalfi Coast and a lifestyle that Federico Fellini memorialised in his film "Dolce Vita". Modern, practical bib aprons, bistro aprons and aprons for restaurants, hotels and food retail with butchers, butcher shops and bakeries. 

CWS Urban Line collection, aprons, gastronomy, catering, food retail

Urban Line

The perfect companions not only for city nomads. The "Urban Line" collection stands for a modern, urban attitude to life. No value is placed on conventions, individuality is the top priority. Allowed is what pleases and looks casual. With these bib aprons and bistro aprons your team is perfectly styled.

CWS Oxford Line collection, bakery, blouses, shirts, gastronomy, food retail

Oxford Line

British understatement: With the "Oxford Line", you get a timeless all-rounder for your team. The finely checked ladies' blouses or men's shirts look trustworthy and competent. The beautiful simplicity of the typical Vichy check is characteristic of the "Oxford Line". The timeless modern workwear for gastronomy, bakeries, confectioneries, butcher shops, hotel business and food retail is available in the proven FLEX service from CWS.

CWS Peak Line collection, chefs jackets

Peak Line

More function, more calmness: our all-rounders from the "Peak Line" impress with practical details, a casual look and their versatility. With the "Peak Line" your team is perfectly prepared for the inevitable peak times on the job. Go for fashionable gastro clothing with the plus of functionality.

CWS Paris Line Collection, chefs jackets

Paris Line

Et voilà: Get to know the "Paris Line" from CWS Workwear. It focuses on high quality, just as is usual for French cuisine. The cosmopolitan city of Paris, the cradle of good taste and Michelin-starred gastronomy, is reason enough for us to dedicate a to dedicate our own collection to it.

"Catering & Food Retail" brochure from CWS Workwear

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