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Together protecting our values

The CWS Compliance HelpLine

Business actions that are aligned with ethical principles is part of CWS Group's basic corporate philosophy, which is why we assume responsibilit beyond legal requirements. We develop ongoing  measures to ensure that employees and business partners are aware of and act by our compliance principles.   

For companies, complying with all rules and regulations at all times is above all a collective task. To ensure and foster a compliance culture within and beyond corporate boundaries, CWS offers a Compliance HelpLine available to all its internal and external stakeholders worldwide. 

The CWS Compliance HelpLine enables CWS suppliers and clients to confidentially inform about irregular and unethical behavior as well as compliance breaches. 


Which topics do compliance-related issues cover? 


Malpractice, illegal acts or failures to comply in the context of the CWS code of conduct, especially: 

  • Corruption, antitrust law, money laundering, fraud 
  • Human rights, labour and social standards,  environmental regulations 
  • Data protection and information security breaches  

Requests related to CWS general business activities, such as:  

What does the Compliance HelpLine mechanism look like?   

The Compliance HelpLine ensures that the reporting person and his or her identity - if desired - remain anonymous and are thus protected at all times. There is no direct contact between the reporting person and the platform provider or CWS. The report is entered either online as a text message or by telephone via voice recording. CWS does not receive original audio recordings, only a transcript. The information received is reviewed within the company. Further communication takes place (anonymously) via the platform. A case number allows the reporting person to check on the status of processing at any time. 


Refer to the HelpLine to report suspicious cases of violation, 24/7 and 365 days per year.