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Fire Safety Service

CWS Fire Safety offers fire protection services for all trades in preventive fire protection.
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Fire safety service in preventive fire protection

Preventive fire protection aims to prevent fire from starting and spreading and to minimize damage. The aim is to protect people and property through preventive fire protection measures, because the better the preventive fire protection, the less defensive fire protection measures tend to be necessary. Preventive fire protection is divided into the three pillars:

For successful preventive fire protection, a comprehensive fire protection service is highly relevant so that the complex fire protection requirements are met.

CWS Fire Safety offers you a holistic fire protection service. We provide you with customized fire protection solutions and professional fire protection services from a single source.

Advantages of the CWS service

High and reliable quality

The CWS experts offer a comprehensive fire protection service and ensure that fire protection facilities comply with current standards and legal regulations.

Fire safety service from a single source

As a certified fire protection service provider, we advise, plan, install, maintain and repair all fire protection equipment - from fire alarm systems to extinguishing water technology.

Digitally supported processes and documentation

All preventive fire protection measures - installation, maintenance or inventory - are digitally documented.

Germany-wide network

We offer fire protection services throughout Germany and are also there for you in your area as a fire protection service provider.

Personal contact on site

For optimal preventive fire protection, our regional contact persons will advise you personally, professionally and individually on site.


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Fire protection service near you

CWS Fire Safety has branches throughout Germany and offers you preventive fire protection measures.

Get in touch with your regional contact and arrange a consultation appointment for a holistic fire safety service.

Fire Safety Service

All from one source

CWS Fire Safety offers you holistic service for your fire protection facilities - from planning, installation and maintenance to fire protection training or an external fire protection officer.

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Our products in preventive fire safety

Doors, gates and hold-open systems

Fire alarm systems

Extinguishing water technology

Fire extinguisher

Automatic extinguishing systems

Smoke and heat extraction

Fire safety plans

The 3 pillars of preventive fire safety

Structural fire protection

Structural fire protection places requirements on the builder, owner or operator when constructing new buildings, renovating existing buildings or changing the use of buildings. The requirements are based on building law and occupational health and safety regulations on the part of the authorities. The preventive fire protection measures in structural fire protection are diverse and deal with:

  • Selection of building components and building materials according to fire behaviour and fire resistance classes
  • Planning escape and rescue routes
  • Constellation of fire compartments within a building with fire protection devices, such as fire doors
  • Accessibility of the building from the public space

The structural fire protection measures partly overlap with the technical fire protection measures, e.g. with fire alarm systems or fire doors and gates.

Technical fire protection

Technical fire protection includes all fire protection equipment that detects fires at an early stage and minimizes the spread of fire as far as possible. These include, among others:

  • Smoke detectors and fire alarm systems for early fire detection
  • Fire extinguishers and automatic fire extinguishing systems such as sprinkler or water mist extinguishing systems.
  • Non-automatic fire extinguishing systems, e.g. wall, underground and above-ground hydrants
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Safety markings, e.g. emergency lighting

Organisational fire protection

Organisational fire protection deals with the correct behaviour in case of fire and the control of preventive fire protection measures. It thus complements the measures of structural and organisational fire protection. This includes the fire protection officer (internal or external) who checks the fire protection measures in the company. Furthermore, organisational fire protection also includes:

  • Fire protection regulations according to DIN 14096
    Escape and rescue plans according to §55 ArbStättV and evacuation plan
    Fire safety instruction for staff
    Training of fire protection and evacuation assistants

Organisational fire protection is not only the responsibility of the employer or building owner, but a task for everyone involved.

Fire safety service overview

Planning & Consulting

Installation & Approval


Fire safety traininig

Fire safety officer

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