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Toilet paper dispensers

No matter how big is your washroom traffic, we have the right toilet paper dispenser for you.
All models can be locked and protect against theft.

Toilet paper dispenser for perfect toilet hygiene

Regardless of the number and age of people using the washroom, every visitor should feel comfortable. Good hygiene and a pleasant washroom atmosphere contribute significantly to an overall positive experience on your premises. The CWS toilet paper dispenser fits effortlessly into any interior design and will surprise your washroom visitors with its elegant design.

CWS Toilettenpapierspender

Main features at a glance:

  • Available in three colours
  • Space-saving vertical format
  • Storage of two rolls on top of each other
  • Lock for theft protection
  • Integrated roll brake to prevent unintentional unrolling
  • 100% availability due to spare roll, automatically drops down when the first roll is used up
  • FSC and EU Ecolabel certified toilet paper
CWS PureLine Toilet Paper weiß

CWS rental service

Simply carefree!

Enjoy our convenient CWS rental service. We will take care of the installation and maintenance of the toilet paper dispensers as well as the delivery of the new toilet paper rolls. This gives you the time to take care of your core business. We will be happy to advise you on the available options.

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Where to install the toilet paper holder?

Ideally, there should be 70 centimeters between the floor and the bottom of the CWS toilet roll dispenser. Also keep in mind not to place the toilet roll dispenser too far from the toilet bowl. Approximately 10 cm in front of the toilet bowl, on the left or right side of the toilet cubicle. 

On which side do you put the toilet paper holder?

The toilet roll dispenser can be mounted on the left or right side of the toilet cubicle next to the toilet bowl. It is important that you can easily reach it. For the CWS toilet paper dispenser a distance of 70 centimeters between the floor and the bottom of the toilet roll dispenser is ideal. Place the toilet roll dispenser about 10 cm in front of the toilet bowl. 

Which toilet paper dispenser is the best?

Which toilet paper dispenser is best, depends on where it hangs and the frequency of use. In some cases, a regular toilet roll dispenser is a good choice, such as at home. In high-traffic restrooms, it is preferable if the capacity of the toilet roll dispenser is larger and can accommodate multiple rolls.  

At CWS, we offer multiple solutions to fit your sector and frequency of use. This way, visitors to the toilet do not miss out. All CWS toilet paper dispensers are equipped with an integrated roll brake, against endless unrolling and therefore wastage of toilet paper.

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