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Toilet paper dispensers

Whether your washrooms experience heavy footfall or just the
occasional visitor, we offer the right toilet paper dispenser.
All models can be locked and protect against theft.

What our toilet paper dispensers offer in detail

Paradise Toiletpaper and Paradise Toiletpaper Stainless Steel toilet paper dispensers

  • Two toilet paper rolls in one dispenser
  • Protective cover for a clean reserve roll
  • Clean paper tearing
  • The integrated roller brake stops endless unrolling
  • The reserve roll is only released after the first roll has been used up
  • The special brushed finish on the stainless steel version protects it from unsightly fingerprints
  • Lockable
  • Available in seven standard colours
  • Customised options are also available

Paradise Superroll and Paradise Superroll Stainless Steel toilet paper dispensers

  • For use in high-traffic washrooms
  • Integrated roller brakes stop excessive paper dispensing
  • Service-friendly fill level inspection window
  • Stainless steel material contributes to a long service life
  • The special brushed finish on the stainless steel version largely protects it from fingerprints
  • Blunt teeth reduce the risk of injury

CWS Toilettenpapierspender

Red Dot Design Award

Award-winning design

All CWS toilet paper dispensers will win you over with their first-class quality and their aesthetically pleasing design. The dispensers from our popular ParadiseLine won the “Red Dot Design” award.


Are you interested in our toilet paper holders? We would be happy to assist you.

Further hygiene solutions

CWS Solution Hygiene Washroom Optimization

Optimising washrooms

We offer you made-to-measure solutions for your washrooms’ hygienic equipment.

CWS Solution Hygiene Hande Hygiene Optimization

Optimising hand hygiene

From hand washing to disinfection: We have the right hand hygiene equipment for you.

CWS Solution Hygiene Wellness Hygiene

Providing a sense of well-being through hygiene

Stylish designs and a high level of user-friendliness create an all-round pleasant experience for visitors.

CWS Solution Hygiene Infection Protection

Protecting employees and guests from disease

Whether it’s an office, doctor’s surgery or a supermarket, we ensure hygiene conditions remain optimal.

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Our toilet paper dispensers in detail


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