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Hygiene in the education sector

Hygiene measures in schools are a basic requirement for optimal school operation. CWS helps you to create an appropriate hygiene plan for primary schools or a hygiene concept for universities.

Learning for the future

Hygiene in schools, universities and other educational institutions is particularly important to ensure a healthy and performance-promoting environment. Hygiene rules and proper hand washing should already be part of the curriculum in primary schools. In addition, every primary school, secondary school or university should have its own hygiene concept and hygiene plan.

As experts in hand-, toilet- and air hygiene, we would be happy to discuss with you how you can achieve optimal hygiene in your educational institution in a safe and responsible manner. In addition, you can save costs by ensuring adequate hygiene in the school. This means more funds are available for investment in students.

The most important topics on school hygiene and air quality in education are:

Een gezonde schoolomgeving

Reducing teacher and student absenteeism

The aim of hygiene in schools should be to ensure the safety and health of all involved and thus avoid absenteeism. Basic protective measures should be taken to reduce the risk of infection for pupils, students and teaching staff. In addition to the regular cleaning of school facilities and the hygienic equipment of washrooms, instruction on proper behaviour and hand hygiene should also take place regularly with the help of hygiene teaching materials.

Hygiene im Schulunterricht

Save money with better hygiene

The spread of bacteria and viruses plays a significant role in some of the sick leave in schools. Good hygiene can prevent this and reduce costs. Below you will find 3 concrete advices that can be implemented individually or in combination to improve hygiene in schools, increase indoor air quality and save (absentee) costs.

Our experts will be happy to help you personally create a hygiene plan for your school.

Why an air purifier in school?

Healthy and clean air for both students and teachers

Ventilating a room by opening the window is an obvious solution, but this will allow both pollen and fine dust to enter the building. Moreover, this is not very comfortable in winter due to the cold. Improve the air quality in the classroom or lecture hall with our professional air purifier. Thanks to a rental contract, there are no purchase costs and maintenance is included.

More information about the air purifier

The benefits of air purifiers for schools

Ventilating by opening a window is obvious, but be careful: this can let in pollen and fine dust. Improve the air quality in the school with the CWS Intersens:

Runs without any chemicals or ozone
Validated disinfection with UV-C
Filters with activated charcoal against odours
Integrated dust filter
CWS Luftreiniger Intersens

Useful complement for the classroom or lecture hall

We don't offer an air purifier that gets in the way or makes noise, but a silent, stylish addition to any interior. Completely childproof and safely screened.

Choose between floor-standing or wall-mounted air purifier
As quiet as a whisper < 35db(A)
Plug & play: Easy installation with power supply adaptor!
No acquisition costs thanks to rental agreement

Request hygiene solutions for your school now without obligation!

If you have any questions or would like a quote, write to us directly here.

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