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Paper towel dispensers

Our CWS paper towel dispensers are perfectly suited for hygienically demanding areas. They convince with modern paper towel dispenser design and meet all recommended hand hygiene requirements.

Hygienic hand drying

Hygienic hand drying with paper towel dispensers.
Our CWS paper towel dispensers meet the hand hygiene requirements recommended by the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO). Therefore, just like cloth towel dispensers, they are very suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas like clinics or food establishments. The paper towel dispensers are mounted on the wall, which means that they can be installed not only in the washroom, but also in a wide variety of rooms.

Main benefits of CWS paper towel dispensers

  • Folded paper and roll paper dispenser
  • Available as manual and touchless version
  • Hybrid roll paper dispenser: automatic switch to manual function when battery charge is low
  • Roll paper dispenser with longer battery life and higher capacity thanks to remaining roll function
  • Service-friendly fill level indicator
  • Our touchless model is equipped with a chip and thus 100% IoT-capable
  • Made from recycled material
  • EU Ecolabel and FSC-certified papers
CWS PureLine: Hygiene zum Wohlfühlen

CWS rental service

Simply carefree!

As part of our rental service, we take care of the professional installation and maintenance of the towel dispensers and reliably supply fresh paper towels. We’re able to adapt our services to the individual needs of your facility. We would be happy to advise you on your options.

The CWS Paper towel dispensers

CWS PureLine Paper lock

CWS PureLine Paper lock

CWS PureLine Paper w/o lock

CWS PureLine Paper w/o lock

CWS PureLine Paperroll Non-Touch Hybrid

CWS PureLine Paperroll Non-Touch Hybrid


Still having questions about our paper towel dispensers? You might find the answers below. 

What is better: a paper or a cotton towel dispenser?

Drying your hands with paper is a good hygienic option. Paper towel dispensers are ideally suited for areas that are hygienically sensitive, such as in the healthcare sector or in places where food is prepared.  

The CWS paper towel dispensers can be mounted in any desired area and come in a touch and non-touch model. The CWS non-touch paper towel dispenser is extra hygienic in use, because the dispenser itself does not need to be touched. 

In the paper towel dispenser (folded) paper towels made from new and recycled material can be used. Compared to a cotton hand towel dispenser, the paper towel dispenser is less sustainable. 

Where can I buy paper towels?

Use the CWS paper towel dispenser and we take care of everything. From the mounting of the towel dispenser to the delivery of the paper towels. So you don't have to go looking for paper towels yourself, because they are automatically delivered to you by one of our CWS service drivers, at a time that is most convenient for you. 

What kind of waste do paper towels end up in?

Paper towels made of cellulose or recycled material are disposable products and should be disposed of in the residual waste due to their composition, but also for hygienic reasons. We will provide you with the appropriate waste containers in order to collect the paper towels in the washroom the right way.

Hygiene solutions and products from CWS

CWS Higiénia: mosdóoptimalizálás

Optimising washrooms

We offer you customised solutions for the hygienic equipment in your washrooms.

CWS Riešenie Hygiena Optimalizácia

Optimising hand hygiene

Using our solutions, we can help you effectively implement hand hygiene standards.

CWS Riešenie Hygiena Wellness Hygiena

Providing a sense of well-being through hygiene

Together, we find individual hygiene solutions to give your visitors that feeling of “at home comfort”.

CWS riešenie Hygienická ochrana pred infekciami

Protecting employees and guests from disease

With the right hygiene equipment, you can greatly decrease the risk of spreading germs.

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Our CWS experts will be happy to advise you on paper towel dispensers and other hygiene solutions. Contact us now!

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