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Clean and safe workwear

CWS provides durable, high quality work clothing for many different industries.Our all-round service includes hygienic washing and professional repairs, as well as delivery.

CWS Workwear

Workwear that fits

At CWS, you will find work clothing that your employees will feel comfortable and safe in. Whether workwear, PPE, or hygienic clothing: our collections are well thought through - down to the smallest detail. This starts with the selection of materials. We only use high-quality fabrics that are durable and easy to wear. We also pay attention to comfortable and functional fit in the design, which allows for ample freedom of movement. We focus on quality during production, too. As a result, our clothing lasts for a long time since we test it extensively in advance. Our quality promise also applies to the service we provide, which is part of the CWS complete package.

What we offer:

A one-stop shop

With CWS you have a partner at your side that takes care of equipping your employees, including ordering, cleaning, and delivering the workwear. This means less work for you and your staff and clean clothes every day.

The right clothing for every industry

We offer industry-specific clothing solutions for almost all types of work. Whether crafts and industry, trade and services, healthcare, or catering: Learn more about our diverse collections.

Your specialist for protective clothing

Our experts ensure that your employees receive the protection they need in order to do their work safely. We equip your team with standards-compliant protective clothing, regularly check its condition, and professionally repair damaged clothing.

As flexible as you need

In every company, it's normal for staff to come and go. When this happens, we will be there immediately to bring new clothes and take back equipment that is no longer needed. We can also take care of size changes quickly.

Sustainability that pays off

Our resource-saving service cycle ensures that we contribute to a clean environment. Reprocessing clothing in a hygienic way plays just as important a role as making sure our products have the longest lifespan possible.

Das bieten wir:

Personal consultation

We know your industry's requirements and will be happy to advise you personally, according to your individual needs.

Workwear news and topics

Improvements in occupational health and safety

How does the CWS service contribute to more safety?

What to expect

Not all high-visibility clothing is the same

What makes high-visibility clothing from CWS so special

What makes high-visibility clothing from CWS so special


Answers to frequently asked questions about work clothing, professional clothing or service clothing

Do you have questions about workwear from CWS Workwear? Then you will find the right answer here. If your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

What counts as workwear?

Unlike casual or private clothing, workwear is clothing provided by the employer. Workwear creates identity and has a recognition effect for customers. Typically, (work) jackets, (work) trousers and tops such as shirts, blouses, polo shirts or T-shirts are part of workwear. However, depending on the occupation, workwear also includes aprons, smocks, overalls, parkas, softshell jackets, waistcoats or headgear such as bandanas, hairnets or chef's hats. As a rule, underwear does not count as workwear. An exception is flame-retardant undershirts, such as those worn in foundries.

Professional clothing can make it clear that you belong to a team (waiter, consultant, salesperson) or a professional group (pilot, steward/stewardess). When handling unpacked, perishable food, work clothing offers hygienic protection against germs and contamination. When handling sharp-edged work objects or processes such as flexing, grinding or welding, workwear protects against sometimes life-threatening injuries.

Is the boss obliged to provide work clothes?

In many industries, work clothing is a matter for the boss and is regulated by law for reasons of occupational safety or hygiene requirements. Whenever work clothing serves safety purposes, the boss is obliged to procure, pay for and provide it. This also applies, for example, to outdoor workplaces that require weather protection. Those who work in the food industry are obliged to wear HACCP-compliant work clothes - and the boss must also provide them.

If there is no legal obligation to wear work clothing, company agreements or employment contracts usually regulate all issues relating to work clothing.

Am I obliged to wear uniforms?

The employer may prescribe the wearing of work clothes and oblige the employee to wear work clothes at work. This is always the case if the wearing of special work clothing is regulated by law, for example in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. If there is no corresponding written agreement or basis regulating the use of special work clothing, the employer must justify the order to wear work clothing. However: Those who work in workplaces with (personal) customer contact must accept that the employer determines the external appearance of the employee and thus the official clothing to be worn.

Which work clothes are the best?

Good workwear is breathable, functional, comfortable on the skin, of high quality, meets the requirements of the profession and, in the best case, is produced regionally and sustainably. Workwear is worn every day, for several hours, and it is important that employees feel comfortable in it and are motivated to put it on anew every day before starting work. The more durable and high-quality the workwear is, the better it is protected against wear and tear. Gentle, hygienic washing processes that ensure good colour brilliance even with daily washing support the aspect of longevity and thus the sustainability of good workwear.

Can work clothes be deducted from wages?

Tax offices recognise flat-rate expenses for typical work clothing as income-related expenses if it was purchased privately. If the work clothing is provided by the employer, it depends on whether it is protective clothing (PPE) or typical work clothing. In both cases, the provision of work clothing does not constitute a pecuniary advantage in the sense of wage tax; this work clothing cannot be deducted from wages. The situation is somewhat different if the clothing can also be used privately.

How often is one entitled to new work clothes?

The employer must provide work clothes in perfect condition, always. If the work clothes have to be changed every day, the work clothes must be in perfect condition every day. If they are not, the employer must immediately provide a replacement. If your boss provides PPE clothing (personal protective equipment), it must be checked regularly for completeness and damage and replaced directly if necessary.

Which work clothes do I have to return?

Work clothes are provided by the company and given to employees for their use. If your boss demands it, you must return the clothing, for example after the end of the employment relationship. Usually, the employment contract or a company agreement regulates the use of work clothes. By law, the employer's claim for the return of clothing expires after three years.

Who is responsible for cleaning the work clothes?

Work clothing should be professionally cleaned, this is the only way to ensure that the clothing is washed hygienically and that the protective function of the work clothing, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), is not impaired. The employer is responsible for the professional cleaning of work clothing.

Which washing programme for workwear?

Workwear should not be washed in a private household washing machine for several reasons. For example, heavily soiled workwear, e.g. with oil stains, can damage your own washing machine in the long term and contaminate private clothing because oil residues have deposited in rubber seals. No matter which washing programme you use in your home washing machine, you cannot achieve an HACCP-compliant hygiene standard at home, as is required for work clothes in all food-processing activities. The cleaning of work clothing should therefore be carried out by a specialised company.

Who has the best work trousers?

Good work trousers play a decisive role in whether you feel comfortable or not. No wonder: especially in jobs where you move a lot, bend down, squat, walk or climb ladders, it is important that the work trousers fit well, do not slip, do not pinch and offer enough pockets to store work utensils. You can recognise suppliers of good work trousers not only by which work trousers are made of which materials, but also by whether the supplier is prepared to customise the work trousers, i.e. to shorten or widen them if necessary. Suppliers who have their own alteration tailors often offer this service free of charge. Online tools also facilitate the perfect measurement and virtual fitting to find the right size. In addition to classic waistband trousers, dungarees are in demand in Germany and have been popular for many years.

Further services regarding workwear

CWS Solution Workwear Wash Care

Workwear washing and reprocessing

We ensure that your employees always have clean, well-maintained clothing that's in good order.

CWS Solution Workwear Protecting Employees

Protecting employees

We take on the responsibility of making sure your staff's PPE complies with all regulations.

CWS Pranie i naprawy odzieży

Clothing management

From wardrobe service to complete clothing management, choose your services.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, write to us directly here.

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