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Logo mats

Company logo, advertising slogan or greeting message - attract the attention of customers and visitors, guaranteed to succeed with the personalizable CWS logo mats. Discover the CWS dust control mats with logo in more than 95 colors and personalize them according to your wishes.

Customized floor mats: whether it's a company logo, advertising slogan or greeting - they are guaranteed to attract the attention of customers and visitors. With many different colors and a sharp HD printing quality, you fully customize the logo mat design.

Our logo mats are stain-resistant, so your logo or message will remain clear and visible, even over time. They have great moisture absorption and the fibers are made of 100% recycled material. A sustainable choice and a lasting impression in every way!

CWS Floor mats with logo

All advantages

  • Inviting, individual design
  • Your name, logo or message is in focus of your customers 
  • Choice of 95 standard colors and numerous special colors 
  • Available in rectangular sizes up to max. 2.00 m x 6.60 m and special shapes
  • Razor-sharp, almost photo-realistic print quality 
  • Small order quantities possible, no minimum purchase quantities
  • Special high-twist nylon pile for high absorption of dry dirt and moisture
  • Washfastness: colors remain bright
  • Antistatic effect (ISO 6356)
  • Fire protection certification (ISO 13501-1)
Individuelle Logomatten von CWS

Unique and personalized floor mats

The main reason for getting a mat may be to protect your floors from dirt and moisture, but did you know that logo mats can also be used to influence buying behavior and other consumer choices? In a store, or other commercial environment, a custom printed or logo mat helps you reach your target audience. The logo mat therefore has a double function:

  1. Retain dirt and moisture (keeps the floor clean)
  2. To convey a message (communication tool)

Advertisement on mats

Most buying decisions are made on the spot

Research has shown that where consumers go, mats with logo and/or advertising lead to an increase in sales. Not surprising when you know that more than half of buying decisions are made on the spot.

More attention, more sales

Research shows that a mat with an advertising message can generate up to 28% additional sales. Think out-of-the-box and use a logo mat as a Point of Sale (POS) promotion.

Stops dirt and moisture

Our logo mats are just as effective as our other entrance mats. They retain up to 4 liters of dirt and moisture per square meter. While your name, logo or message takes center stage, you keep dust and moisture out and save on cleaning costs.

High Twist Technology

The soft surface of the mats is made of High Twist nylon. Dirt and moisture are directed to the rubber base of the logo mat and remain there invisibly. The logo mats have an anti-static effect and are resistant to oil-based substances.

Floor Care Logomatte Kita

Dust control mats with logo: make a statement

CWS Výhody: zníženie času a nákladov


Doormats with logos pay off: Research shows that a large proportion of all purchasing decisions are made directly at the point of sale. The use of promotional mats has a positive impact on these purchasing decisions and can promote sales.

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - špeciálne požiadavky na starostlivosť o podlahy


The dust control mats with logo from CWS are versatile: for inside the building and outside (scraper), or as a shaped mat for that special eye-catcher. Thanks to their antistatic effect and high resistance, our mats are also particularly suitable for commercial use.

Would you like to learn more about our logo mats? We will be happy to advise you on all solutions.

CWS Floorcare rental service

Renting mats is often the best choice for companies and organizations because it ensures the functionality of the rental mat. It is important to periodically clean a mat to maintain its dirt and moisture absorbing properties.

When it comes to the care of our floor mats, we attach great importance to the responsible use of natural resources. To this end, we have introduced certified washing processes that reduce water consumption while guaranteeing professional care.

Matten huren


Answers to frequently asked questions about logo mats

Do you still have open questions about dust control mats with logo? Then you will find the right answer here. If your question does not appear, please feel free to contact us.

What are the functions of a logo mat?

A CWS logo mat has the primary function of absorbing dirt and moisture. In addition, the doormat with logo also fulfills the following additional functions thanks to individual design options:

  • - Effective external appearance, coordinated with your individual corporate design.
  • - Sales promotion at the point of sale (POS)
  • - Transport of a specific advertising or information message
  • - Transmission of recommendations and commandments (e.g. "Please keep your distance")
  • - Orientation aid and signposting by marking specific areas (e.g. toilet, elevator, etc.)

What are the sizes and shapes of logo mats?

In general, rectangular logo mats are possible in all sizes up to a maximum of 2.00 m wide and 6.60 m long. 

In addition, special custom shapes are also possible (e.g. round, semicircular, individual shapes, etc.). Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the creation of logo and custom shaped mats.

Are logo mats certified according to the current standards?

CWS dust control mats with logo are, like our standard mats, certified for fire protection (ISO 13501-1) and have a certified antistatic effect (ISO 6356).

Our Floorcare solutions

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - starostlivosť o podlahy vo vstupných priestoroch

For a neat appearance

A flawless reception will impress your customers - because first impressions count.

CWS podlahové riešenie - zdravé pracovisko

Health in the workplace

A safe working environment plays an important role in the well-being of your employees.

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - špeciálne požiadavky na starostlivosť o podlahy

Special requirements

Even for heavy use and intensive soiling, we have the right solution.