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Hygiene in health care

Hygiene and healthcare are inextricably linked. Staff are required to apply good hand hygiene throughout the day and patients and residents are also urged to wash or disinfect their hands. CWS offers various hygiene solutions for this.  

We have become increasingly aware of hand hygiene in recent years and that is a good thing. For healthcare personnel and staff in elderly homes, hand hygiene has always played an important role. 

Healthcare and hygiene  

In medical offices, smaller medical centers and elderly homes, work is often carried out under high pressure and hygiene must be of the highest level. This means continuous hand washing and hand disinfection but also, for example, the disinfection of surfaces. This doesn't just apply to staff.

Washing and disinfecting hands is also especially important for the elderly and sick people. They may have weakened immune systems. To minimize exposure to pathogens and viruses, adequate hand hygiene measures are in order. So whether in restrooms, treatment rooms, food service areas, at the entrance, the front desk or next to the elevator, with the help of CWS you can ensure that the correct and necessary products are always within reach. This allows you to improve (hand) hygiene in all these places and reduce the risk of infections.

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Download the free poster with step-by-step plan for washing and disinfecting hands 

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Wash or disinfect hands?  

Of course, hands should be washed if they look dirty. Did you know that almost all disease-causing bacteria and viruses disappear when hands are washed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds? If the hands do not look dirty or soap and water is not available, hand disinfectant can also be used. In health care, there are a number of basic rules that must at least be complied with. So remember this when you have to make the choice between hand washing or hand disinfection:

Hand washing should always be done with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. It is necessary to do this at the following times:  

  • If the hands look dirty   
  • When the hands feel sticky  
  • After coming in contact with bodily fluids  
  • After every visit to the toilet  
  • After coughing and sneezing  

Hand disinfecting should always be done on dry hands at the following times:    

  • Between all different procedures  
  • Before and after patient contact  
  • Before and after wearing gloves   

Stick closely to the times in this list to ensure hygiene in health care.   

Good for hygiene, gentle on your skin  

To be sure of hygiene in health care, it is very important that hand hygiene is done carefully. But it is also important that the products used do not damage the skin of the hands. The hands of healthcare workers face frequent washing and disinfection day in and day out and the skin of partients or residents can be sensitive.

The soaps in the CWS PureLine dispensers are pH skin-neutral, allergen-free - and bear the EU Ecolabel. Thus the skin is gently cleansed and the natural skin barrier remains intact.    

CWS PureLine Disinfect Gel is effective against all viruses and meets the requirements for hygienic hand disinfection according to EN 1500 and for surgical hand disinfection according to EN 12791. Furthermore it contains moisturizing and skin-soothing substances.


HY Soft skin

Non-Touch provides extra hygiene in health care  

PureLine disinfect dispensers NT

The CWS PureLine dispensers are available with sensor-based non-touch technology, which means that the dispenser itself does not need to be touched. This prevents germs from getting onto hands through the dispenser and ensures maximum hygiene in healthcare facilities. Perfect therefore for placement in the washrooms of medical offices. The disinfectant gel can also be placed at entrances and exits of the building, or for example at the front desk for visitors.

In addition to ensuring an exceptionally high level of hygiene, the Non-Touch dispensers are also very easy to use and therefore particularly suitable for people with reduced hand mobility.


Drying hands, just as important as washing hands

Drying hands properly is just as important as washing them, as microorganisms can better hold and multiply in a moist environment. Moreover, rubbing hands dry with a towel also removes germs still on the hands or in the water on the hands.

Best for this is a single-use product, such as a fresh portion of cotton from a cotton towel dispenser: not only the highest level of hygiene for healthcare, but also kind to the skin and very durable.  

That means hygienically clean and dry, with the soft feel of home.

Cotton towel dispenser PureLine
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The basis of good hygiene in healthcare, are reliable products that are inviting to use. All dispensers are available in white, mint and silver.

Soap dispensers

Soap dispensers

Hand disinfect dispensers

Hand disinfect dispensers

Surface disinfect dispensers

Surface disinfect dispensers

Cotton towel dispensers

Cotton towel dispensers

Poster with step-by-step plan for hand washing and disinfection

Since the corona crisis, patients are also often asked to disinfect their hands upon entry, or at the front desk, to ensure hygiene in healthcare. Download the free poster with step-by-step plan for hand washing and disinfection here.  

A clean and safe entrance

Scraper Plus Matten laufen Mensch

About 75% of the dust and moisture in buildings, is brought inside by visitors from outside under their shoes. This not only makes floors dirty, but also dangerously slippery, causing people to fall. A proper floor mat in the entrance can help prevent this. 

It is important to choose a mat with a high absorption capacity, in order to leave the moisture and dirt in the mat and not on the floors of clinic or retirement home.

CWS mat service

With our changing and cleaning service, we take a lot of work off your hands. A CWS service employee changes the soiled mat for an identical, freshly washed one according to a fixed schedule. The mats are permanently cleaned in our specialized laundries. So you always have a clean and functioning mat lying around.