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Easily and conveniently clean and disinfect surfaces at your work site to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and other germs.

Feel good hygiene also outside the washroom? Surface cleaning guarantees optimum hygiene inside and outside washrooms. CWS surface cleaning products can be used on a wide variety of surfaces: Office desks and chairs, computer mice and keyboards or door handles. The surface cleaning dispensers can also be used for restaurants to disinfect tables. You have the choice between a manual dispenser with ergonomic push handle or a non-touch dispenser with auto-stop function; easier handling and better hygiene.

New CWS PureLine

CWS dispensers are continuously developed to make them even more efficient, resistant and user-friendly. All this is combined in the new PureLine: pure hygiene that fits your needs whenever, where ever.

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Surface Cleaner that matches your company

The CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner is available as a dispenser with a white housing. For the front cover, there are: timeless white, trendy mint or futuristic silver. This way, the dispensers always match your interior.

What is the difference between surface cleaning and desinfecting?

When a surface is cleaned with soap and water or with an all-purpose cleaner, the number of germs present is reduced. But no matter how thoroughly a workplace is cleaned, a certain number of microorganisms remain.

Disinfection kills any viruses, moulds and bacteria present. A disinfecting surface cleaner therefore leads to a safe and healthy workplace.

Did you know that most bacteria in the office are found on the keyboard and mouse? On average, there are 10.000 organisms per cm2! Thorough disinfection is very important to prevent the transmission of viruses or bacteria.

Disinfection Surfaces

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Can I also use a disinfectant gel for hands to clean surfaces?

Surface cleaner has a different composition than disinfectant gel. A hand disinfectant gel often contains a high proportion of alcohol and surface-damaging substances. To answer the question, you could, but it damages surfaces and is therefore not recommended at all.

The CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner contains a ready-to-use foam, is free of alcohol, free of harmful or allergenic substances and has been dermatologically tested. It has been specially developed for frequent use on desks, tables, light switches and other objects. It is completely safe for you and only dangerous for unwanted intruders. Win-win!

With the CWS PureLine dispensers you choose a sustainable hygiene solution! 

All PureLine dispensers are made in Europe and come with an anti-drip guarantee. In addition, the PureLine surface cleaner is equipped with a reserve tank so that the liquid can be completely used up before the tank is disposed of. This prevents wastage of the product and ensures regular replenishment.

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CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner Non-Touch

CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner Non-Touch

CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner

CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner

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