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Workwear basics – a good foundation

Don't compromise when choosing your basic workwear t-shirts, polo shirts or sweatshirts. Look for skin-friendly materials, a good fit and durable, sustainable clothing.

Basic workwear products: The base must be right!

It is often the first layer of clothing you wear next to your skin - all day long at work!

Make no compromises when choosing your T-shirts, polo shirts or sweatshirts. Look for skin-friendly materials, a good fit and durable, sustainable clothing. At CWS Workwear you will find a wide range of basic shirts in high quality materials and cotton from sustainable cultivation. High quality workmanship and washing are just as important to us as a friendly and flexible service. We will be happy to advise you on quantities and service intervals, and show you our latest products.

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New to the CWS range: casual hoodies, fashionable sweatshirts and two-tone polo shirts in trendy colours. Uncomplicated basics in Fairtrade cotton and skin-friendly French terry, which not only warms and feels wonderfully soft against the skin, but also cools when it's hot. Discover the wide choice of the PRObasics world: 11 different products to choose from, in up to 9 colours and up to 12 sizes!

CWS Basics


Get a 100 percent: 100 per cent cotton, 100 percent skin friendly, 0 percent allergy potential. Cotton is the most widely used natural fibre in the textile industry - and for good reason! The PROcotton collection includes lightweight T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and polo shirts made from 100% cotton. Choose from up to seven colours and 11 sizes.

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Because we love colour: The PROwear collection offers you our widest range of colours. With up to 16 different colours, you are sure to find your favourite. The T-shirts are available with short or long sleeves; the polo shirts are available in men's and women's cuts and also with long sleeves. The lightweight 220g cotton/poly blend is easy to care for, durable and the right choice for many workplaces.

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Cotton Comfort

For those who like it classic: Our Cotton Comfort polo shirts are made from a classic piqué fabric. They are available with or without a breast pocket. The typical button placket (optionally concealed) and ribbed polo collar add a classic touch. The high cotton content makes these polo shirts very soft against the skin. The addition of polyester increases dimensional stability and colour fastness. With seven fashionable colours to choose from, that's a good argument!

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These bioactive single jersey shirts have it all: built-in protection against micro-organisms. All T-shirts and polo shirts in the "Bioactive" range are treated with an antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of bacteria on or in the fibre. This not only improves cleanliness and freshness. Most importantly, it inhibits the development of odours. This is important for all workplaces where physically demanding work is carried out. The shirts are of course tested for skin compatibility, low pilling, elasticity, durability, breathability and heat regulation.

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Casualness and functionality are the trumps of the new PROcasual product line. Made from breathable, stretch fabrics, the hooded sweatshirt jacket and padded vest are more like functional outdoor wear than workwear. And that's exactly how they're designed. Arrange a free fitting now. The products are available in dark grey/black. Recycled polyester is one of the materials used. This conserves natural resources.


Answers to frequently asked questions about basics and underwear

Got a question about basics, underwear or knitwear? Check here to see if we have already answered your question. If not, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to take the time to discuss your requirements - with no obligation on your part.

Where can I buy basics?

In many cases, the employer provides official and work clothing, which also includes undergarments such as T-shirts, polo shirts or sweatshirts and the like. This creates a uniform look for the team in a company. Basics can be bought in stationary retail stores or online. In department stores, boutiques or on the internet, there is often an (unmanageably) large selection of different materials, cuts and colours. Those who value sustainably produced basics will also find what they are looking for, but usually have to search very specifically. If you want to buy basics, please note that the stationary retail trade often only stocks a limited range of garments, materials or clothing sizes, which may not cover all your requirements. In contrast, the selection on the internet is very large, but there is no need for advice here. You can only make a purchase decision based on appearance and price.

Unlike leisurewear, however, workwear should fit well and you should be able to get replacements of the same quality without any problems. It is therefore a good idea to buy or rent basics from a supplier who specialises in workwear.

A consultation can provide a lot of useful information, which can sometimes save costs.

What is available for work clothes?

Unlike casual or private clothing, workwear is clothing provided by the employer. Workwear creates identity and has a recognition effect for customers. Typically, (work) jackets, (work) trousers and tops such as shirts, blouses, polo shirts or T-shirts are part of workwear. However, depending on the profession, workwear also includes aprons, smocks, overalls, parkas, softshell jackets, waistcoats or headgear such as bandanas, hairnets or chef's hats.

Professional clothing can make clear the affiliation to a team (waiter, advisor, salesperson) or a professional group (pilot, steward/stewardess); in the latter case, one also speaks of uniforms or service clothing.

When handling unpacked, perishable foodstuffs, work clothing provides hygienic protection against germs and contamination. When handling sharp-edged work objects or processes such as flexing, grinding or welding, workwear protects against sometimes life-threatening injuries. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable workwear.

Which T-shirts have the best quality?

Good T-shirts look neat and tidy even after many washes. Because T-shirts are usually worn directly on the skin and changed daily (and therefore also washed frequently), you should look for a material quality that promises high colour and shape stability. Blended fabrics often perform best in daily, hygienic laundry care; the addition of polyester, for example, ensures a higher colour brilliance, while the natural fibre cotton provides breathable properties.

When it comes to T-shirts, also pay attention to the quality of workmanship: double seams last longer; shirts that have been washed shrink less; and quality seals such as those from OEKO-TEX provide information about the chemicals used in the dyeing process, for example, and thus about the allergy potential or skin compatibility of a T-shirt.

Who makes the best basic T-shirts?

Good basic T-shirts play a decisive role in whether you feel comfortable or not. No wonder: T-shirts and other basics are worn directly on the skin. You can recognise suppliers of good basic T-shirts by the high quality of their materials and workmanship, which is best documented by seals of quality (e.g. from OEKO-TEX or Fairtrade Cotton). Sustainability criteria are also playing an increasingly important role in the selection of a supplier. So don't hesitate to ask where and under what conditions the basic T-shirts are produced, what the transport routes look like and how sustainable the T-shirt is. For example, can it be recycled at the end of the product's life?

Last but not least, the quality of service is an important purchase criterion: What is the usual procedure in the event of a complaint? What happens in case of wear and tear? These questions will help you find the best supplier for your basic T-shirts.

Where can you find the best basics?

Good basics are breathable, functional, comfortable on the skin, of high quality (check the seams, for example) and, in the best case, produced regionally and sustainably. Important: Basics are changed frequently. Therefore: Good basics still look neat and tidy after many washes. Important for the quality of basics that are often worn directly on the skin and changed daily (and thus also washed) is a high colour and shape stability. Blended fabrics often perform best in daily, hygienic laundry care; the addition of polyester, for example, ensures a higher colour brilliance, while the natural fibre cotton brings along breathable properties.

Basics are worn every day, for several hours, and it is important that employees feel comfortable in them and are motivated to put them on again every day before starting work.

What is workwear classic?

Whoever talks about work clothing usually means (work) jackets and (work) trousers as worn mainly in industrial and craft professions. However, workwear also includes tops such as shirts, blouses, polo shirts or T-shirts. And, think of cooks, waiters or receptionists: trouser suits, costumes, aprons, smocks, overalls, parkas, softshell jackets, waistcoats or headgear such as bandanas, hairnets or chef's hats also count as workwear.

If you would like to know more about us, our workwear basics or our sustainable way of working, just give us a call.