CWS GreenMat in schwarz aus mehr als 10 recycelten 0,5 l PET-Flaschen!

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Green Mats

What do dust control mats have to do with climate protection? The innovative GreenMats from CWS are made of recycled PET.

One million bottles

CWS has a new type of mat that will gradually replace the current standard mats. The flooring material of these GreenMats is made of recycled PET. About 10 used drinking bottles are recycled per square meter. Thus, more than 1 million bottles will get a new life as dust control mats.

Green Mats

Green Mats for the climate

Dust control mats, available at CWS in many colors, shapes and with or without a logo. Indispensable in every entrance, because due to their high absorption and dust retention capacity, they prevent dirty shoe soles from soiling your building. This way they contribute to cleanliness and safety, because damp shoe soles greatly increase the risk of slipping. In addition, our floor mats also save on your cleaning costs. Thanks to the sustainable washing process, we ensure that the mats can remain in use as long as possible. Moreover, we extend their lifespan with repairs when needed. Still, we believe that the ecological footprint should be improved even further, hence the GreenMat.

New material, longer life

Circularity as the goal

In the past, printed fibers were used for the mats. With use and repeated washing, the colors faded and the mat had to be replaced. The fibers of GreenMats are fully dyed. This keeps the colors bright and consistent for a long time, which extends the lifespan. A large-scale wash test has confirmed this. 

The aim is to bring the mats back into full circulation. CWS is therefore involved in the European research project Circular Sustainable Flooring (Cisuflo). The participants are working hard on high-quality processes to recycle old dust control mats directly into new ones.

Sustainable innovation

A new type of mat is completely optimised for sustainability and gives PET-bottles a new life.

CWS GreenMat professional dust control mat with a green leaves background

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