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The best performance now available on-site.

We take care of the cleanroom area on your premises:
from logistics to equipping the airlock – so that everything
in your production works in perfect harmony.

CWS Cleanrooms Management Service

Benefit from our experience –
directly at your site.

As your partner with many years experience in cleanroom clothing, cleaning and training, we now bring our expertise directly to your company’s
door. We reduce your workload, help you to optimise processes and thus ensure the quality and continuity of care. With CWS personnel trained within our own Cleanroom Academy, we guarantee the highest level of safety and reliability – for the smooth running of your production environment.

Our Service Modules


  • Supply of the changing areas with cleanroom clothing
  • Size-assorted filling of clothing racks
  • Replenishment of consumables

Quality management

  • Monitoring of best-before dates for sterile clothing
  • Dealing with defects and arranging for cleaning or repair
  • Replenishing stock levels in case of shortage


  • Removal of dirty laundry
  • Delivery and dispatch via your goods receiving department
  • Provision of containers for dropping in the dirty laundry


  • Process analysis and standardisation
  • Improvement in your internal logistics
  • Bespoke services: How can we help you?

Your Benefits with CWS Cleanrooms Management Service

Quality & Continuity

As an experienced and reliable partner, we guarantee the best service and highest quality on a permanent basis.

Relief & Time Saving

Freedom to focus on your core activities and reduce your team’s workload.


Our employees are experienced in cleanrooms and are also specifically trained and educated for the application.

Cost Saving & Process Optimisation

We help to deliver a highly efficient process and to optimise deliveries and warehousing.

Further solutions for your cleanroom

CWS Solution Cleanrooms Cleanroom Garments

Cleanroom textiles

- Processing and decontamination
- Expert advice
- Inventory management
- Individual solutions 

CWS Solution Cleanrooms Cleanroom

Cleanroom cleaning

- FIRST cleaning
- CONTI cleaning
- COMBI cleaning
- SPECIAL cleaning 

CWS Cleanrooms training new

Cleanroom training

- In-house training courses
- Coaching sessions
- Day training courses
- Online seminars

New in 2021:
Cleanroom Academy Online

CWS Hygiene Washroom Optimization

Personal hygiene

- CWS SmartWash 
- Hand Sanitizers
- Cloth towel rolls


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