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HACCP clothing

HACCP plans guarantee the hygienic quality of your food production. CWS offers the appropriate HACCP clothing in numerous variations.

Hygienically sound: HACCP clothing

Health protection

Food is a matter of trust. Consumers expect their food to be of impeccable quality. Anyone who produces, processes, or prepares food must therefore adhere to strict hygiene regulations in order to protect consumers from health risks. Since 2004, companies have been obliged to work according to a HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). This applies to small businesses like bakeries and butchers' shops as well as large processing enterprises.


What is HACCP?

The HACCP concept is a hygiene monitoring system that regulates the safe handling of food - from production and processing through to packaging, storage, and sale. A HACCP plan also encompasses the right workwear, which is intended to minimise potential risks.


Reduce risks with HACCP clothing

CWS offers HACCP certified clothing according to DIN 10524, with which you can comply with the strict hygiene standards. We not only help you to select suitable HACCP clothing, but also take care of the prescribed hygienic laundering process and the regular change of clothes. There are enough risks involved in handling food - with CWS at your side, your workwear is one fewer.

Our collections


Basic, Standard and Bicolor - clothing collections certified according to DIN 10524 in all three risk classes

Our products range from high-quality processed and modern design workwear to headgear. We also offer a special feature: internal seams minimise the hygienic risk of protruding threads.

What we offer you

Consultation on HACCP regulations

Hygiene regulations such as HACCP provide clear guidelines for the procurement and servicing of workwear. We provide advice and support in the selection of suitable hygienic clothing that meets all requirements of the DIN 10524 safety standard.

Sector-specific product range

Material, fit, closures: HACCP clothing must meet certain requirements to avoid food contamination. As varied as the requirements are, so is our selection of industry-specific clothing.

Clean clothes - always at hand

When handling perishable food, clothing often has to be changed several times a day. CWS collects your dirty clothes and ensures that there is always a sufficient supply of fresh clothes for your employees.

Hygienic laundering processes

The law prescribes that HACCP clothing must be washed according to strict rules. CWS guarantees compliance with the hygienic requirements using the most modern and certified procedures for you and your customers.

Comfortable clothing

Since employees in the food industry often have to work standing up all day, the clothing should fit well. CWS therefore offers jackets with adjustable sleeves and trousers with elasticated sides for a comfortable fit.

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