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Soap dispensers

Whether washroom, hotel or medical facility:
Our soap dispensers ensure the appropriate and skin-friendly hand hygiene and convince with practical details. Many models are also available as automatic soap dispenser Because good hand cleaning starts with soap.

Innovative soap dispensers with many options

Soap dispensers are indispensable in the fight against infections and diseases, that spread from hand to hand and lead to illness outbreaks. The most important yet simplest measure to reduce the risk of contamination is the effective cleaning of hands, e.g. by using an automatic soap dispenser with sensor. CWS offers a wide variety of different soap dispensers. This allows you to adapt the dispensers specifically to the requirements of your company and offer your employees and guests maximal protection agains viruses and germs.

What the CWS soap dispensers offer:

CWS PureLine Seifenspender foam mint
  • Attractive soap dispenser design for integration into any type of washroom.
  • Ergonomic operation with one hand
  • No-touch soap dispenser variants for an extra plus in hygiene
  • Service-friendly fill level indicator
  • Reclosable soap bottles with drawer system in the dispenser for quick filling
  • Overhead bottles guarantee complete consumption
  • Available with extra large volume for use in high traffic areas
  • Range of biodegradable soaps in three variants: soap foam, soap cream, antibacterial soap 
  • All soaps contain a mild perfume for a pleasant scent and are pH neutral (dermatologically tested)
  • Neutral soap, completely without perfume, for sensitive users
  • Soap dispenser with wall mounting for easy installation and operation

CWS rental service

Simply carefree!

In our rental model, we not only take care of the professional installation and maintenance of the soap dispensers, but also deliver new soap cartridges directly to you. We would be happy to advise you on our services.

The CWS soap dispensers in detail

CWS PureLine Foam Soap Dispenser Non-Touch

CWS PureLine Foam Soap Dispenser Non-Touch

CWS PureLine Foam

CWS PureLine Foam

CWS PureLine Cream Non-Touch

CWS PureLine Cream Non-Touch

CWS PureLine Cream

CWS PureLine Cream

CWS PureLine Disinfect Foam

CWS PureLine Disinfect Foam

CWS Stainless Steel Foam Slim

CWS Stainless Steel Foam Slim

CWS Stainless Steel Cream Universal

CWS Stainless Steel Cream Universal

Automatic soap dispensers with intelligent sensors

Non-Touch Soap dispensers

Standard soap dispensers, if used correctly, guarantee a good hand hygiene. However, this is not always sufficient. An even more hygienic solution are our automatic soap dispensers with sensor for touch-free soap dispensing. This means that the dispenser does not need to be touched and optimal hand hygiene is guaranteed.

100 % IoT-ready

The new PureLine soap dispensers are equipped with a microchip and therefore 100% IoT-ready. This makes it easy to control filling level and soap dispensing via an app. This makes soap consumption more trackable and gives you maximum control. Ideal for places with multiple washrooms such as office buildings, care facilities and schools.

CWS PureLine Seifenspender

Soap dispenser for every type of use

Choose from 2 varieties of soap  

Our soap dispensers are available with two different types of soap: foam soap and cream soap (liquid). All are skin-friendly and dermatologically tested. The soap dispensers are also available in an extra large version for use in busy toilet areas. Each soap dispenser meets specific requirements for hand cleaning.

Foam soap dispenser: the most sustainable choice

With a foam soap dispenser, you will use on average 50% less soap and 30% less water, as the soap concentrate foams up x15 and is easier to rinse off. Plus, with all CWS soap dispensers, there's no waste thanks to drip-free dispensing and complete consumption of soap from the refill container.

CWS cream soap dispenser: The most skin-friendly choice 

Free of silicones, parabens, dyes and microplastics, CWS cream soap is not only good for the environment, but also for human skin. The mild soap formula is fragrance-free and pH skin neutral, making it suitable for any washroom. Our soaps perfectly suit the CWS cream soap dispensers, which convince with drip-free soap dispensing, residue-free emptying of the refill bottles and simple and intuitive handling. 

Our soap dispensers in detail

Still have questions about our soap dispensers?

You might find the right answer below. If your question does not appear, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does a soap dispenser work?  

Depending on the design, the functionality of the CWS soap dispensers differs minimally. Thanks to the resealable soap bottles, which are inserted into the drawer system of the soap dispenser, the dispenser is filled quickly and without dripping. The soap cartridge and pump form a self-contained system and are thus protected from external influences.   

The ergonomic one-handed push lever on the manual soap dispenser allows easy removal. With the touchless soap dispenser, the sensor triggers the soap dispensing. The soap cream flows into the open hand.   

With the foam soap dispenser, the foam generator produces micro-fine soap foam that flows directly into the hand when the push lever is pressed or the sensor is triggered. There is no dripping during use and no sticking of the nozzle if it is not used for a long time. In addition, the auto-stop function prevents unnecessary consumption. 

What are the most beautiful soap dispensers? 

The CWS soap dispensers of the PureLine product line are available in three colours: white, mint and silver. With their unconventional and modern design, they fit seamlessly into the overall appearance of a sanitary room. For this reason, they were also awarded the Red Dot Design Award in the product design category in March 2022. 

How high on the wall do you hang soap dispensers? 

As a rule, wall-mounted soap dispensers are installed at a height of 1.20 m above the floor. If the washroom is designed for children or people with limited mobility, the soap dispenser should be mounted lower - at a height of between 90 cm and 1.20 m.   

If the wall-mounted soap dispenser is installed directly above the washbasin, a minimum distance of 25.3 cm between the washbasin and the dispenser should be maintained.   

CWS hygiene solutions

CWS Higiénia: mosdóoptimalizálás

Optimising washrooms

We offer solutions on how to set up washrooms professionally and run them efficiently.

CWS Riešenie Hygiena Optimalizácia

Optimising hand hygiene

Join us in ensuring thorough and skin-friendly hand hygiene that provides the optimal protection.

CWS Riešenie Hygiena Wellness Hygiena

Providing a sense of well-being through hygiene

You can create an area of convenience for the user thanks to our products and services.

CWS riešenie Hygienická ochrana pred infekciami

Protecting employees and guests from disease

We support you in keeping hygiene standards high and reducing the risk of disease.

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