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Hygienic Comfort

Do you want to provide your guests, visitors and staff with
an all-round pleasant feeling? With our comfort solutions,
we create a hygienic and appealing ambience for you.

The advantages CWS offers you

Customised design

We focus on sophisticated product design in the development of our products. You can contribute your own ideas, too. With the ParadiseLine, the front panels of the dispensers can be individually designed.

Create atmosphere

We want to create an environment in which everyone who uses your washrooms feels comfortable. We take various aspects into account to achieve this. For example, the Air Bar ensures a pleasant smell and hand lotion dispensers enhance care options.

Take everyone's needs into account

Do you want to show your customers and visitors that you value them? We offer solutions to help you meet their individual comfort requirements, such as our intuitive, sensor-controlled mixer tap.

Improve sustainability

Environmental awareness and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Our cloth towel dispensers are hygienic and avoid waste. The cotton towels can be recycled and reused several times.

CWS bietet Ihnen diese Vorteile

Design individualisieren

CWS Benefit Individuality


Bei der Entwicklung unserer Produkte setzen wir auf ein gehobenes Produktdesign. Sie können Ihre Vorstellungen trotzdem einbringen. Bei der PureLine lassen sich die Frontblenden der Spender farblich anpassen.

Atmosphäre schaffen

CWS Benefit Wellness Hygiene


Wir möchten eine Umgebung schaffen, in der sich Benutzer Ihrer Waschräume wohlfühlen. Dabei berücksichtigen wir verschiedene Aspekte. Die Air Bar sorgt für einen angenehmen Geruch, Handlotionsspender erweitern Pflegeoptionen.

Bedürfnisse ernstnehmen

CWS Benefit innovative Service


Sie möchten Kunden und Gästen Ihre Wertschätzung zeigen? Wir bieten Lösungen, mit denen Sie individuellen Komfortansprüchen gerecht werden, wie unsere sensorgesteuerte und intuitiv bedienbare Mischarmatur.

Nachhaltigkeit bieten

CWS Benefit Sustainability


Umweltbewusstsein und Komfort schließen sich nicht aus. Unsere Stoffhandtuchspender sind hygienisch und vermeiden Abfälle. Die zugehörigen Baumwolltücher können mehrfach aufbereitet und erneut verwendet werden.

CWS PureLine HoReCa

We’re happy to help

Interested in our products and services? Our experts will advise you personally, and with no obligation.

Products for more demanding washroom requirements

Washrooms should be more than just functional. With our solutions and products, we create an appealing ambience and improve the user experience, for example with fragrance dispensers in hotels and offices.

Fragrance dispenser

Cloth towel dispenser

Hand lotion dispenser

We create more than just a pleasant user experience

CWS Hygiene

CWS also supports you in other areas

For us, comfort, hygiene and safety belong together. That's why we offer you a range of products and services that combine these different aspects. You will not only leave a positive impression with pleasant washrooms, for example. Our dust control mats ensure that employees, customers and other guests feel welcome from the moment they enter the building.

Further CWS hygiene solutions

CWS Solution Hygiene Washroom Optimization

Washroom optimisation

We offer you efficient solutions in the rental service, which you can customise. 

CWS Solution Hygiene Hande Hygiene Optimization

Hand hygiene optimisation

Hygienic measures can sometimes be tough on skin. We offer you effective, gentle solutions.

CWS Solution Hygiene Infection Protection

Infection prevention for employees and guests

We create optimal hygiene conditions in all areas, no matter whether it’s an office, medical practice, or supermarket.

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