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Anti fatigue mats - for a healthy workplace

CWS anti-fatigue mats relieve the leg and back muscles, promote circulation and protect the joints.

The CWS anti-fatigue mat is ideal for jobs involving lots of standing. The medically tested special product reacts to the smallest body movements and has been proven to relieve strain on the legs and back in addition to promoting circulation and being gentle on joints. All this combats fatigue and compromised performance. Not only that: the mat also absorbs sound and insulates against the cold. 

CWS anti-fatigue mats advantages

  • Medically tested special mat with unique shock absorption function
  • Proven to relieve strain on the legs and back
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Gentle on joints
  • Insulates against cold floors
  • Made of 100% nitrile rubber
  • Non-slip, anti-static effect
  • Fire-protection certified
  • Problem-free cleaning
Floor Care Gesund Stehen Matte

Areas of application for healthy standing

Eine Frau steht auf einer Anti-Ermüdungsmatte am Empfang

CWS anti-fatigue mats are special mats with a unique damping function. They are ideal for all types of standing workstations. Common areas of application include offices, hotels and restaurants, airports, filling stations, banks and retail and in production and manufacturing facilities.

Anti-fatigue and healthy standing

The differences explained

Thanks to our full-service solution, you can easily rent anti-fatigue mats from us that meet all your requirements. You have the choice between anti-fatigue mats and healthy standing mats. But what is the difference? 

Anti-fatigue mat

Our anti-fatigue mats are designed for standing workstations in industry and manufacturing plants, as well as in kitchens. They are made of 100% nitrile rubber, which is particularly robust, durable and easy to clean and therefore perfect for industrial workplaces. 

Healthy standing mats

CWS healthy standing mats combine a robust backing of nitrile rubber with a surface of twisted nylon. They can be individually designed and thus adapted to your personal requirements. That is why they are often found in offices, hotels and restaurants, airports, gas stations, banks and stores.

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Our solutions for you

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - starostlivosť o podlahy vo vstupných priestoroch

Entrance area design

Our mats can turn your entrance area into your personal business card.

CWS podlahové riešenie - zdravé pracovisko

Health at work

Keeping your employees healthy and productive.

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - špeciálne požiadavky na starostlivosť o podlahy

Special requirements

Dirt and moisture can be kept outside even under special conditions.

Sustainable and resource-saving

We help protect the environment with our certified washing processes as the water is reprocessed and can be reused for regular washing processes. These processes are carried out in our own special washing facilities and ensure long-lasting cleanliness.