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The CWS cotton towel roll: Introducing hygiene at its best

Cotton towel rolls make a change in your washroom. They are an essential part of the modern washroom and a hygienic, sustainable and cost-saving solution.

The importance of drying your hands 

Did you know that wet hands spread up to 1000 times more bacteria than dry hands? Therefore drying your hands is just as important as washing them. Wet hands attract bacteria and transmit them much faster than dry hands. This means that you lose the benefit of washing your hands almost entirely if you do not dry them afterwards. And since up to 80% of all infections are transmitted over hands, clean and dry hands play a massive role in infection prevention.   

Why choose for a CWS cotton towel roll? 

The CWS cotton roller towels are not only gentle to your skin and convenient for drying hands. On this page we tell you all about the four biggest benefits of drying your hands with a cotton towel roll: 

1 Clean Hands - Hygienic hand drying

2 Saving trees - Sustainability in your washroom

3 Saving money - Cost efficiency

4 The planet - Better resources

1 Hygienic hand drying

Cws cotton towel roll 1

Cotton towel rolls absorb more moisture than most other ways of hand drying. The many soft fibers make it easier to rub your hands clean and in addition, the soft cotton feels very pleasant to the touch.

Thanks to the dual-chamber system in all our dispensers, a used piece of cotton never comes into contact with an unused piece of cotton. Thanks to the automatic retraction system, every new user can count on a clean piece of cotton. In other words: a safe and hygienic way of hand drying

2 Sustainability in your washroom

What difference can hand drying really make in terms of sustainability? 

One cotton towel roll is good for 110 portions of fresh cotton. And every towel is washed at least 100 times. That equals approximately 22,000 paper towels. So, if we look at the amount of waste from paper versus cotton, cotton roller towels cause up to 95% less waste. Never again overflowing waste bins in the washroom is a nice bonus. 

Cws cotton towel roll 2
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3 Cost efficiency

Cws cotton towel roll 3

Prices of raw materials and energy are rising significantly. As a result, we are seeing price increases and ad hoc price adjustments of disposable products, which can seriously affect the end user. But by choosing our cotton towel rolls, you can overcome this. We reuse our towel rolls as many as 100 times, by washing them in a sustainable way. As a result, the direct impact of price increase is less noticeable, price adjustments on an ad hoc basis are not necessary and product availability is a lot better.

Thanks to our service, you can count on regular delivery of fresh towel rolls and the simultaneous pickup of used towel rolls. Own purchase, continuous orders and a full storage space are therefore avoided. 

4 Cotton, 100% biodegradable

Cotton is a 100% natural product and for that reason 100% biodegradable. The cotton towel rolls are washed (sustainably) about 100 times on average without loss of quality. And when the rolls are partially rejected due to wear spots or holes, they are professionally repaired by the adjustment department. The towel rolls that no longer meet the quality requirements, are stored centrally as a raw material to produce (cleanable) mops and cleaning cloths. 90% of the cotton towels is being reused, leading to significantly less environmental impact.

The cotton that remains at the end of the cycle is returned to nature or serves as fuel (energy) for production. In this way, maximum consideration is given to the environment

Cws cotton towel roll 4


Good to nature, bad to waste

Cotton towel rolls can be washed 100 times. One roll is used 11.000 times before being recycled
Hygiena-Umývanie rúk

Gentle on hands, hard to bacteria

Made of 100% cotton, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria are absorbed effectively

Higher efficiency, lower cost

No initial investment and internal staff effort. Regular fresh rolls. No ad hoc price increases
Hygiena-Náplň rolka bavlneného uteráka

Better resources, lower impact

Reduced need for raw materials due to the recyclability. Resulting in more stable prices

Browse the facts of CWS cotton towel rolls

There is more than one reason to go for cotton towels. Not only from a hygiene standpoint, but also for the environment and your budget. Less use of raw materials benefits everyone. The customer, your business and the planet. Discover the benefits of cotton:

Decrease costs, increase hygiene
Dried hands mean cleaner hands. Studies show that dry hands are less likely to transmit bacteria. Cotton towels are highly absorbent, so they are hygienic and do not give bacteria a chance.
Stable costs
Avoid ad hoc price increases with reusability
Biodegradable towels. Washed according to a germicidal and disinfectant washing process
Vodič nákladného auta Cotton service
Our Service
With the CWS service, you are regularly provided with fresh cotton towel rolls and the used ones are being picked up. So you do not have to worry about own purchase, laundry or storage, but can enjoy convenience and hygiene.
CWS Benefit Oprava
Less waste compared to paper. Upcycling as a concept
Hygiena-Náplň rolka bavlneného uteráka
Paper towels can be replaced by the service life of 1 cotton towel roll
Reduce, reuse, recycle
At CWS we think circular. This means reduced use of raw materials and repair where we can. The reuse of cotton towels made possible by our sustainable washing process. And 90% of our cotton towel rolls being recycled and starting a second life as a cleaning cloth or mop.

Hygiena-Umývanie rúk

No role for bacteria

Drying hands is just as important as washing them. Made of 100% cotton, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria are absorbed effectively and quickly. The cotton towel rolls are washed in our high-tech-laundries. 

Hygiena-Náplň rolka bavlneného uteráka

Environmentally friendly

One cotton towel roll has 110 fresh portions of towel and can be washed up to 100 times without the loss of quality. Resulting in up to 11,000 uses – per roll. After its service life, the towel is recycled and used as cleaning cloths. CWS cotton roller towels produce less waste and need less energy than recycled paper towels.  


Lower costs with the CWS rental system

With our rental and service system, customers avoid initial investment and maintenance costs. Regular supply of fresh towel rolls and the simultaneous collection of used towel rolls avoid constant ordering and the need for storage space.


Less raw materials, less market impact on price

The ability to reuse the cotton towel roll multiple times and the option to recycle it after its life cycle reduces the use of raw materials compared to paper towels. This reduces the likelihood of ad hoc price fluctuations.

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