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Targeted protection for personnel and the environment

Cross contamination is one of the most common hygiene risks for cleanroom personnel. To prevent this, we have developed a comprehensive range of solutions for you.

Always focusing on hygiene

Hygienic behaviour in your company starts as soon as you enter the building and affects all adjacent areas. We can help by advising you on the most appropriate steps to minimise cross-contamination.

We think holistically. From hand sanitization and gowning procedures in your changing room to GMP compliance within your cleanrooms - you can trust our solutions! 

Optimum hygiene for cleanroom personnel

Compliance with stringent hygiene standards applies to the entire cleanroom and its personnel. Employees must pay attention to the correct behaviour when entering and exiting the cleanroom. Our innovative product and service solutions are there to support you.

With CWS SmartWash, you minimise the risk of cross-contamination

Effective hand hygiene with the right disinfectant dispenser

Perfect cleanliness with hygienic towel rolls


How to reduce sickness-related absenteeism?

Contamination is most frequently transmitted via the hands.  Well thought-out hand hygiene for all employees is therefore indispensable.

CWS supports this with a wide range of washroom solutions.

What to look for when choosing hand hygiene solutions?

Conventional soap pumps are full of bacteria. It is therefore better to replace them with sensor-controlled soap and towel dispensers. 


Washing without water

CWS is developing a promising new washing process that uses liquid CO2 to clean textiles while conserving resources.

Here´s how

CWS - exceptional hygiene standards

Targeted prevention of cross-contamination

Routine cleaning of contact surfaces is as important as washing and hand disinfection. Our non-touch washroom solutions and surface disinfectants are both efficient and sustainable.

We are future focused

The CWS SmartWash system dispenses pre-mixed water, soap and air, ensuring just the right dosage. This saves up to 90% water and 60% soap. We are setting an example in sustainability and innovation with our microplastic-free soap.

More solutions for your cleanroom

CWS Solution Cleanrooms Cleanroom Garments

Cleanroom Textiles

- Individual & sustainable rental solutions
- Professional preparation
- Inventory monitoring
- Competent advice

CWS Solution Cleanrooms Cleanroom

Cleanroom Cleaning

- FIRST cleaning
- CONTI cleaning
- COMBI cleaning
- SPECIAL cleaning

CWS Cleanrooms training new

Cleanroom Training

- Inhouse trainings
- coachings
- Day trainings
- Online learning platform & seminars 

On-Site Service

On-Site Service

- Ensuring availability 
- Quality management
- Logistics Processes
- Process analysis & standardisation


Cleanroom Consumables

- Hoods, overshoes
- gloves
- Visitor coats
- Disinfectants
- Cleanroom mops & wipes
and much more


Even for highly specialised hygiene requirements, our experts will work with you to develop a suitable solution for you.