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Washroom Optimisation

We help you to coordinate your washroom equipment and its operation with your company’s requirement. Hygienic cleanliness in the toilet creates trust and enhances the well-being of users. CWS is your partner for sustainable and efficient washroom solutions.

Individual design of washrooms and hygiene areas

Customising washrooms and hygiene areas

Looking for hygiene equipment that meets your precise needs? We have the right solution for you. Our range of products extends from heavy-duty dispenser systems for railway stations or petrol stations to well-designed comfort solutions for hotels and restaurants. We always take into account the requirements of your target group, for example with our coordinated washroom concepts for nurseries, schools and medical facilities.

What we offer you

CWS products for every need

Our wide range of products is available to you so you can easily equip your washrooms.

Cloth towel dispenser

CWS SmartWash

Sanitary bins

Smart washroom management

CWS smartMate IoT solution

With smartMate you save on costs, reduce unnecessary wastage and offer everyone a pleasant and hygienic washroom experience.

Learn more about smartMate


Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you still have unanswered questions about washroom optimisation? Then you will find the right answer here. If your question does not appear, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why is hygiene important? 

Hygiene is important to keep us healthy and not to spread diseases. Clean hands and good hand hygiene are the most important things when it comes to preventing the spread of disease. At CWS, we are happy to help keep your premises hygienic. Then you can be sure that you always have soap, paper towels or cotton towel rolls and toilet paper in the toilets, and hand sanitizer and surface disinfection in kitchens and offices, for example. 

What is hygiene? 

According to Wikipedia, hygiene is ‘a series of practices performed to preserve health’. At CWS, we believe that good hygiene is the path to a healthier and safer tomorrow. By taking care of ourselves and maintaining good hygiene, we reduce the spread of infection and the risk of disease wiping out communities. 

Further hygiene solutions

CWS loovio - The feel-good solution for your public washrooms

From train stations and shopping centers up to city development: We create the right hygiene concept for you, modernize your washrooms and take over the complete operation.

Learn more about loovio

More than just hygiene and washroom solutions

CWS Hygiena

CWS also supports you in other areas

From dust control mats to fire safety: With our products and services, we are a reliable partner for integrated solutions that fit perfectly into your operational processes.

Further solutions from CWS

CWS Riešenie Hygiena Optimalizácia

Optimising hand hygiene

From hand washing to disinfection: We have the right hand hygiene equipment for you.

CWS Benefit Wellness Hygiene

Providing hygienic comfort

Do you want to improve the atmosphere for customers and employees and make hygiene measures more convenient? We will support you.

CWS riešenie Hygienická ochrana pred infekciami

Infection prevention for employees and guests

Our solutions make thorough hygiene measures possible and promote protection against illness.

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