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The ideal floor care solution for your entrance depends on a number of factors. But one thing is certain: your business cannot do without good floorcare.

CWS floor mats come in many sizes and colors, all with their own function. For example: dust control mats, aluminum profile mats, scraper mats and mats that promote healthy posture when you stand on them. We provide mats for indoors and outdoors, for industrial environments, plain colored or with your own logo on them.

For every area, occasion and safety measure, CWS offers the right kind of floor care. 

How does CWS Floorcare work?

  1. With customized advice, our experts will help you make the right choice of floor mat
  2. Then, depending on the frequency of use of the mat, a service cycle is determined
  3. Our service driver then visits regularly to exchange the soiled mats for sustainably cleaned and quality-controlled ones. That way you don't have to worry about anything anymore.

Looking for a suitable Floorcare solution?

CWS Floorcare products


Check out our extensive product portfolio here. CWS offers the right product and solution for every space and setting.

CWS Floorcare services


To make it as easy as possible for our customers, we offer various services. See what the CWS Floorcare service can offer you.

Floor Care

Which floor mat do I need?

To come to the right choice, a few questions are important: 

  • Will the floor mat be indoors or outdoors? 
  • What is the intensity of use of the floor mat? 
  • Should the floor mat provide coarse dirt removal, or fine dirt removal and a drying effect?  
  • Would you like a mat with or without a logo? 

We have the right solution for your business. Our experts will be happy to help you on your way! 

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Why the Floorcare service from CWS?

The three main benefits of our service model:

The use of our Floorcare service will significantly improve the cleanliness of your building. 

  1. The used mat is periodically changed for a cleaned one, so that it is not full of dirt and moisture and its functionality is maintained. No need to spend time on this yourself - the hygiene and appearance of the floor is maintained.
  2. It increases the safety of employees and visitors: a properly functioning business mat reduces the risk of slipping. In wet weather, 12x more moisture enters buildings and 90% of falls occur on a wet floor.
  3. CWS' mats optimally retain water, dust, dirt and sand. Therefore, with our floor mats, you save on cleaning time and cleaning costs. In other words: we help you save costs on your complete floor care.
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Answers to frequently asked questions

Questions related to floor mats, commercial mats, or the related service?

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

What is the delivery time of a floor mat for commercial use?


Some floor mats are available directly from stock. The delivery time of mats made on request can be arranged in consultation.

I would like to have my company logo on a mat, is that possible?

Yes, we can design and customize the commercial floor mat according to your wishes. More information can be found on the logo mats page.

Is it possible to buy rather than rent a CWS floor mat?


No, the floor mats are offered in our (rental) service. This way you are always assured of a clean and functioning one. An exception to this are the outdoor mats, these can be purchased.

When will the CWS service employee come by?


We agree with you on a service cycle that suits your needs. The service employee replaces the used floor mat with a freshly washed one. The service cycle can be adjusted if desired.

Why are clean floors important to customers?


Because a clean environment is inviting and attracts (new) customers. A good floor mat at your entrance prevents dirt and moisture from entering the building and can reduce your cleaning costs up to 70%.