Guide for dust control mats: What do you have to look out for when choosing them?

Dust control mats ensure cleanliness and safety in the entrance area, reduce cleaning costs and are the figurehead of your building. However, not every mat is suitable for every area of use - when choosing one, you should consider the material, size, intensity of use and function. Find out how to choose the right dust control mat in our guide.

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12 September 2022 Floor Care

What functions does a dust control mat offer?

Did you know that about 20% of all reportable workplace accidents are caused by trips, slips or falls? With the right dust control mat, you can prevent many of these accidents. The same applies to soiling in your building: around 70 to 80% of indoor soiling is due to dust and moisture brought in from outside by visitors. 

The right floor mats can help reduce your cleaning costs in the long term and promote a clean image - in addition, valuable floor coverings are protecting and require renovation less often. And another positive effect: Individually designed mats in the entrance area are your personal business card that represent your company to the outside world and warmly welcome your visitors.

What are the different types of dust control mats?

There are different types of dust control mats for indoor and outdoor use. These should be selected based on the area of use, stress intensity and function. Our infographic offers you a suggestion for the right choice of your mat solutions depending on the place of use.

Infographic dust control mats

 1. Entrance area

Entrance areas inside and outside are heavily frequented and therefore require particularly hard-wearing and durable mat solutions such as aluminium profile mats or mats with scraper surfaces as a barrier to rough dirt. It is recommended to place these mats directly in front of the entrance doors to prevent dirt from entering the building. 

For an appealing impression, additional logo mats can be laid out with your company logo, advertising slogan or directional signage. A combination of several dust control mats at the entrance is the best way to optimally trap all degrees of dirt and keep your rooms clean and dry.  

2. Indoor & transitional areas

For indoor and transitional areas between production and offices, in front of and in lifts, at escalators, coffee machines, in the canteen, at goods delivery or in front of entrances and exits, standard, industrial or shaped mats are particularly suitable. They stop fine dirt, moisture and dust and guarantee the necessary safety and cleanliness in the aisles and at the workplaces.

3. Workplaces

For standing workstations, we recommend the use of anti-fatigue and healthy standing mats, which promote the health of your employees and reduce fatigue and loss of performance. These mat solutions with unique cushioning function relieve leg and back muscles, improve blood circulation and protect joints.

What makes CWS dust control mats special?

The modern dust control mats from CWS combine optimum functionality with high-quality, attractive design. They effectively remove dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes and - unlike ordinary floor care mats where dirt merely sticks to the surface - channel it into the inside of the mat. 

High-twist pile Floor Care

Behind this is the unique High-twist technology with special fibres that effectively "brushes off" 90% of the dirt and 85% of the moisture from the soles of shoes and absorbs it immediately. In the process, CWS mats have an absorption capacity of up to 4.8 litres per square metre

While the moisture evaporates, the dirt on the rubber floor is simply held in the doormat until the next cleaning. In this way, the costs of floor cleaning in your interiors can be sustainably reduced by up to 70%.

The right CWS dust control mats for every requirement

Whether standard, round, square, or special shape - the CWS range offers you a wide selection of high-quality floormats in different sizes, shapes, surface finishes and designs. All mat solutions can also be individually customised and adapted to your special requirements - without any minimum purchase quantity.

Full-service solution from a single source

With all our dust control mats in the rental service, you benefit from our professional cleaning service, which ensures that your mats are professionally maintained and changed at regular intervals. Arrange a service interval that best suits the hours of your business and we will take care of the rest.

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a top priority in the manufacture of our products. The fibres of our dust control mats are particularly robust and durable thanks to proven CWS quality. Our certified washing processes reduce water consumption while guaranteeing optimal cleaning.

Request free advice

You want to perfect the external appearance of your company and need support in determining the type and number of your dust control mats? Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what matters when it comes to choosing the right mats and will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

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