Dust control mats for outdoor use

Outdoor mats offer the optimal solution for wiping off dirt and wetness already in front of the door and ensuring a clean entrance area.

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1 November 2022 Floor Care

Keeping moisture and dirt under control

Outdoor mats ensure that dirt and moisture do not enter the building in the first place. They wipe off coarse dirt from the feet before the door and keep the entrance area clean. High-quality dust control mats for outdoor use must fulfil a number of requirements:

  • They must be robust and weatherproof.
  • Outdoor mats must be UV-resistant.
  • They should allow for high moisture absorption and be easy to clean.

CWS dust control mats for outdoor use

We offer a selection of mats for roofed outdoor areas. The materials used ensure an optimal brushing effect and, in addition, our dust control mats for outdoors are UV and weather-resistant. In combination with additional indoor mats, the mats form an effective dirt trap. In this way, coarse dirt and wetness are already removed from the shoes in front of the building and residual moisture and finer dirt particles are absorbed inside.

Which dust control mats are available for outdoor use?

Scraper Mats

Our mats with a scraper surface are suitable as a barrier against coarse dirt in covered entrance areas. These brush coarse dirt off the soles of shoes in a targeted manner.

Scraper mat voor een schrapend effect
Scraper Plus Matten Detail

Scraper Plus Mats

Scraper Plus mats combine the firm scraper material against coarse dirt with soft high-twist-nylon piles that optimally absorb fine dirt and moisture. With an absorption capacity of up to 4.8 litres of wet and dry dirt per square metre, it is one of the most absorbent mat types.

Logo Scraper Mats

Since first impressions are often decisive, the Logo Scraper Mat can also be printed with logos or texts in photo-realistic quality according to your individual ideas. The Logo Scraper Mat is UV and weather resistant and ideal for outdoor use.

FC Logo Scraper Matten
Aluprofil Matte

Aluminium profile mats

Aluminium profile mats are elegant and robust at the same time. They offer a professional solution for indoor and outdoor areas. The high-quality aluminium frame systems are available in different heights and aluminium profile thicknesses, depending on visitor frequency and use. The mats can be recessed into the floor on the outside.

Everything in a convenient rental service

Another advantage of outdoor mats from CWS: Our dust control mats with scraper material are available as a rental service. This means that we agree a replacement frequency with you, in which we replace your mats and clean them professionally for you. After cleaning and a thorough quality control, we deliver the cleaned mats back to you. This allows you to fully concentrate on your core business!

CWS Matten Servicekreislauf

Would you like to learn more about dust control mats for outdoor use? Our experts will be happy to advise you!

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