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2 December 2021 Floor Care

Have you ever considered the possibilities of a dust control mat? With the right use of these mats you will increase the appearance and turnover of your company. In addition, a floormat saves a lot of cleaning time and therefore costs.

Last but not least, it is a lot safer when there is a mat in a building. You have probably slipped (or almost slipped) on a wet floor yourself. Sometimes you have to be careful when entering a building. A wet floor or a floor mat that is not working properly can create dangerous situations and lead to unpleasant consequences.

A dust control mat prevents the entry of dirt and moisture

Reduce floor cleaning costs up to 80%.

1. Save on cleaning time and cleaning costs

Schoonmaak kosten besparing

As the name suggests, a dust control mat has the function of holding back dust. And not only that, but also dirt and moisture. The dirt found under the shoes is left behind in the mat. Each square meter of a CWS mat can hold (absorb) more than 4 liters of moisture and dirt - it stops 85 to 90% of all dirt, water, sand and dust.

A benefit of a CWS floor mat is therefore: less time needed to clean, resulting in less cost. Research shows that cost savings related to floor cleaning can be as high as 80%. Using a mat means an increase in floor hygiene, which saves money at the same time.

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Advertisement on a floormat

Achieve almost 30% more revenue with the right message

2. The showpiece of your company which can lead to more revenue

The first impression of your company is determined at the entrance. Visitors, customers and employees see the floormat immediately upon entry. This attracts attention and improves the first impression because of the appearance the mats have.

A mat is also very effective at the reception desk or in front of an elevator. Visitors often have to wait for a while and then have the opportunity to look around. Dirt and moisture are immediately left behind in the cleaning mat and it is a perfect time to distinguish yourself as an organization with a logo mat.

It is possible to strategically approach your target group with the company logo or a slogan. 80% of buying decisions are made on the spot and research shows that advertising on mats can lead to 28% extra revenue. You can only make a first impression once, so a clean floor with a mat in the right place and the right message on it is crucial.

Tekst op mat bij de lift

Avoid unnecessary risks by installing a dust control mat

90% of falls happen on a wet floor

3. Promote the safety of customers, employees and visitors

Meneer glijdt uit door een natte vloer

Another advantage of a dust control mat is that it significantly reduces the risk of accidents. When it has rained and the sidewalks and streets are wet, much of this moisture is carried in, under the soles of shoes. This increases the chances of slipping.

When it is wet outside, 12 times more dirt and moisture gets into buildings. And 90% of falls happen on wet floors. It's not exactly a warm welcome when one of your visitors slips. Moreover, it can have unpleasant consequences when someone has an unfortunate fall and breaks or bruises something. An employee could end up on sick leave as a result, for example. The presence of a floormat minimizes this risk.

Note that liability in the event of a fall at work often lies with the employer.

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The impact of a floormat on the appearance of organizations

42% of customers rate the cleanliness of a business on the cleanliness of the floor

4. Increase hygiene and maintain the appearance of the floor

A dust control mat ensures that dirt is held back and not walked in. This keeps the floor hygienically clean and preserves its quality and appearance by preventing possible scratches, surface wear and stains on the floor.

To maintain the functionality of a dust control mat, the mat should be cleaned periodically. With the CWS mat service you don't have to worry about this. According to a fixed schedule, we pick up the soiled mat and place a fresh clean one back. We clean the used mat in our sustainable laundry, where it is also checked for any damage and repaired if necessary.

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Matten oplossingen

5. Multifunctional and can be used in many places in your building

Signaalmat met instructie

The final advantage of a CWS floor mat is its multifunctionality. This allows them to be placed in different areas, such as:

  • Main entrance and other entrances
  • Coffee corners / pantries
  • Workspaces, canteens, locker rooms
  • In front of or behind the bar (captures moisture)
  • In front of the elevator entrance

With this you can: 

  • Express your corporate identity with logo, color style, slogan etc.
  • Give the mat a signal function, with directional signs, emergency exit, etc.

And so there are many other areas and applications imaginable.

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