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Workwear Clean and Safe

CWS Ireland provides high quality and durable workwear for all.
Our all-round service includes hygienic laundry including professional repairs, as well as weekly delivery.

Workwear that fits

At CWS Ireland, you will find Workwear that you will feel comfortable and safe. Whether workwear, from PPE, or everyday workwear: our collections are well thought through - down to the smallest detail. This starts with the selection of materials. We only use high-quality fabrics that are durable and easy to wear. We also pay attention to comfort and functional fit in the design, which allows for ample freedom of movement. We focus on quality during production, too. As a result, our workwear is hard working as we test it extensively in advance. Our quality promise also applies to the service we provide, which is part of the CWS Ireland complete package.

What we offer:

A one-stop shop

With CWS you have a partner at your side that takes care of equipping your employees, including ordering, cleaning, and delivering the workwear. This means less work for you and your staff and clean clothes every day.

The right clothing for every industry

We offer industry-specific clothing solutions for almost all types of work. Whether crafts and industry, trade and services, healthcare, or catering: Learn more about our diverse collections.

Your specialist for protective clothing

Our experts ensure that your employees receive the protection they need in order to do their work safely. We equip your team with standards-compliant protective clothing, regularly check its condition, and professionally repair damaged clothing.

As flexible as you need

In every company, it's normal for staff to come and go. When this happens, we will be there immediately to bring new clothes and take back equipment that is no longer needed. We can also take care of size changes quickly.

Sustainability that pays off

Our resource-saving service cycle ensures that we contribute to a clean environment. Reprocessing clothing in a hygienic way plays just as important a role as making sure our products have the longest lifespan possible.

Das bieten wir:

Personal consultation

We know your industry's requirements and will be happy to advise you personally, according to your individual needs.

Further services regarding workwear

CWS Solution Workwear Wash Care

Workwear washing and reprocessing

We ensure that your employees always have clean, well-maintained clothing that's in good order.

CWS Solution Workwear Protecting Employees

Protecting employees

We take on the responsibility of making sure your staff's PPE complies with all regulations.

CWS Pranie i naprawy odzieży

Clothing management

From wardrobe service to complete clothing management, choose your services.

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