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Sanitary Disposal Bins

Washrooms reflect the overall cleanliness of a business. Make a good impression on customers and guests with sanitary bins for the proper disposal of hygiene items.  


Sanitary Disposal Services

We have developed CWS sanitary disposal bins that are discreet, easy to use and hygienic. Thanks to their slim design, they fit perfectly in the front cubicle area. With our hygiene bin rental service, we also take care of the professional and environmentally friendly disposal of hygiene waste for you.

Our feminine hygiene bins, nappy bins and other toilet waste bins for hygiene products contribute to a clean and hygienic sanitary area. In addition, they reduce the risk of clogged toilets.


Main features at a glance:

  • Special perfumed bags neutralise unpleasant odours
  • Hinged lid conceals what is inside, including bad smells
  • No more toilets clogged with tampons and periodic pads
  • Environmentally friendly and professional disposal of hygiene waste
  • Available in a floor-standing version or as a hygiene bin with wall mounting for easier floor cleaning
  • Large foot pedal for simple hygienic opening of bin
White sanitary bin with foot pedal

Main features at a glance:

No more overfull hygiene containers in your sanitary facilities

CWS all-round carefree service

With our rental service we take care of everything: from the installation of the hygiene boxes and sanitary waste garbage cans to the disposal of the waste - without upfront investment costs.

CWS service employee changes the sanitary bins for you: the full hygiene box is replaced with a clean hygiene bin. Depending on the frequency of use of the toilet rooms, the frequency of service visits is adjusted individually. In this way, we prevent the toilet waste garbage cans from overflowing.

Still have questions about CWS Sanitary Bins?

Do you still have questions about CWS hygiene containers? Then you will find the right answer here. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help!

Where can I find a service for sanitary bins?

CWS offers an all-round carefree rental service for sanitary bins: From the installation of the hygiene boxes and sanitary waste bins to the processing of the waste.    

Our CWS service staff collect the full hygiene bins from the WCs after a set frequency and replace them with clean hygiene bins.    

The frequency of the service visits can be adjusted individually, depending on the frequency of use of the toilet facilities. In this way, we prevent the toilet sanitary bins from overflowing.   

The CWS hygiene bins are available in various designs: In white or stainless steel, floor-standing or wall-mounted, just the way you like it.   

Fill in our contact form to receive an individual offer.   

Why rent hygiene boxes? 

With the CWS rental service, we take the work off your hands: you have no initial investment costs and always clean toilet cubicles. This way you ensure that visitors feel comfortable in your washrooms.    

Through the professional and environmentally friendly disposal of hygiene waste by CWS, we ensure a clean and hygienic sanitary area.    

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