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Hand sanitiser dispensers

We provide, manage and service high-quality hand hygiene dispensers and hand sanitising gel to protect your colleagues and visitors.

The right dispenser for any need

Disinfecting is part of workplace health and safety measures in many industries, including the food and healthcare sector. Using the right sanitiser, you can prevent the spread of germs via hands. It allows you to protect employees and visitors (e.g. in nursing homes) to the best of your ability.

Our hand sanitiser dispensers are suitable for public washrooms and circulation spaces as well as for specific sanitary requirements in doctors’ offices or in food processing facilities. Through technical and practical details such as the non-touch control and the optional drip tray, you can adapt the dispensers to your specific needs.

Hand unter einem automatischen Desinfektionsspender von CWS

Overview of CWS hand sanitiser dispensers

Paradise Disinfect NT dispenser

  • Perfectly suited for public areas and circulation spaces or for washrooms with strict sanitary requirements
  • Touch-free use thanks to the non-touch technology
  • Pleasant, gel-like sanitising liquid
  • Reduces germs and provides skin care at the same time thanks to the dual function
  • Individually mountable: Free-standing with optional stand or wall-mounted
  • Clean thanks to the optional drip tray
  • Available with white panel or customisable


MediLine universal dispenser

  • Perfectly suited for medical facilities, nursing homes or food processing facilities
  • Can be used with commercially available alcohol-based sanitisers
  • Adjustable dosage
  • Optional removable pump in stainless steel
  • Autoclavable
  • Flexible or straight tube feed available
  • Also suitable for liquid soap and lotions
  • Available in anodised aluminium
  • Available in 500 ml or 1,000 ml versions
  • Suitable for standard and Euro-bottles
  • Option available for non-refillable bottles with pre-installed pump

CWS rental service

Save time and money

Take advantage of our expertise and logistics through our convenient CWS rental service. This service includes the installation and maintenance of rented dispensers as well as delivery of all consumables. This gives you more time to dedicate to your core business. We would be happy to advise you on your options.

Our disinfectant dispensers in detail


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Overview of CWS hygiene solutions

Riešenie CWS Hygiena Optimalizácia umyvární

Optimising washrooms

We provide solutions to help you professionally set up your washrooms and manage them efficiently.

CWS Riešenie Hygiena Optimalizácia

Optimising hand hygiene

Effective hand hygiene combines cleaning, protection and care in equal measures.

CWS Riešenie Hygiena Wellness Hygiena

Providing a sense of well-being through hygiene

Using our products and services, you can create a comfortable environment for the user.

CWS riešenie Hygienická ochrana pred infekciami

Protecting employees and guests from disease

Our products help you to reduce the spread of germs both in and outside the washroom.

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