PureLine Cotton Towel Roll

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Cotton Towel and Retractable Dispenser

It’s human nature to find a soft towel to be a nice thing.

CWS Cotton Towels help match user satisfaction with sustainability.

  • Fresh part of the roll is always separated from the used fabric; the system is certified by the Hygiene Institute Berlin Search Care
  • Automatic retraction of the used towel part
  • Easy changing of the towel roll thanks to the "Easy Loading" system
  • Available in different color variations
  • Practical level indicator in the towel dispensers
  • 100% cotton towel rolls with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification
  • Cleaning and control of cotton towel rolls according to ISO 9001 and RABC 14065; damaged rolls are repaired or discarded and reused as raw material for cleaning rags
  • Optimal alternative to rising paper prices, replaces up to 22,000 paper towels and produces 95% less waste

The cloth hand towel roll

Cleanliness handled perfectly

Cloth hand towel rolls are not just convenient for drying hands, they're also particularly hygienic in the dispenser system. Each user always has a clean, individual piece of cloth ready for them to use. Our devices are easy to use, whether they be sensor-controlled or manual.

The cotton hand towels are hygienically cleaned and reused up to 100 times in our service cycle. That pays off both for you and the environment.

The benefits of our cloth are:

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