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Cleanroom Training

With expertise from almost 40 years of cleanroom experience, we teach proper behaviour in and around the cleanroom. Our Cleanroom Academy offers you a wide range of in-house training, coaching, day training and online seminars from a comprehensive portfolio of training services.

Passion for Training

Employees are the decisive factor in the hygienic status of cleanrooms – and the most frequent cause of contamination errors. That’s why our Cleanroom Academy specialises in in-house training, coaching sessions, one-day training and online seminars to teach employees everything they need to know and reliably master for proper conduct in and around the cleanroom.


Cleanroom Academy – professional knowledge transfer

We show you which barriers protect your clean environment. For this purpose, we have developed a number of impressive visualization techniques that make the pathways of contamination visible.

Our cleanroom training courses:

The next events of the Cleanroom Academy

25.06.2024 | Dreieich - Conduct in the cleanroom

Day training “Conduct in the cleanroom”
The behaviour of your staff is critical to maintaining barriers that protect your clean environment. In our training programmes, we teach the basic requirements according to ISO 14644 and VDI 2083. Emphasis is placed on correct patterns of conduct as well as the handling of cleanroom garments and how to put them on correctly.

Target group:
Cleanroom personnel (GMP, ISO), pharmacy personnel (§35 ApBetrO), service providers in ISO and GMP cleanrooms

Seminar contents:
Topics – theory

  • Basics of cleanroom technology
  • Air technology
  • Presentation of the different cleanroom classes
  • Influencing factors on cleanliness
  • Examples of particle contamination
  • Dependencies between technology and personnel
  • Rules of conduct according to VDI 2083

Topics – practice

  • Active exercises for correct gowning techniques
  • Practical exercises for the gownroom airlock procedure

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

550.00 EUR (plus value added tax)

25.06.2024 / 09:30 - 16:00 Uhr



26.06.2024 | Dreieich - Professional cleanroom cleaning

Day training “Professional cleanroom cleaning”
The importance of cleanroom cleaning is often underestimated. This training will inform you about the origin, spread and effects of various contaminants. We will show you ways to control and prevent particulate contamination. You will have the opportunity to test different materials and try out methods. With the help of visualization techniques we have developed in-house, we open up a completely new learning horizon for you.

Target group:
Cleanroom personnel (GMP, ISO), cleaning personnel for ISO and GMP cleanrooms

Seminar contents:

  • Theoretical basics
  • Important guidelines and regulations
  • Dealing with cleaning schedules and documentation
  • Use of different materials and cleaning agents


  • Practical procedures for people and materials to pass through the airlock
  • Practical cleaning processes
  • Correct application of wiping techniques
  • Use of multiple and single-use processes
  • Various quality control procedures

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

750.00 EUR (plus value added tax)

26.06.2024 / 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr



27.06.2024 | Dreieich - ​Basic training GMP

Basic training GMP

We provide you with an overview of the structure and content of the EU GMP guideline and the new requirements of Annex 1. In the practical section, you will learn which barriers reduce the risk of microbiological contamination entering the system. We present simple tests that can be used to check the success of your measures.

Target group:
Cleanroom personnel (GMP), pharmacy personnel (§35 ApBetrO), service providers in GMP cleanrooms

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

550.00 EUR (plus value added tax)

27.06.2024 / 09:00 - 17:00 o` clock



10.09.2024 | Radeburg - Cleanroom clothing incl. laundry tour

Cleanroom clothing is an effective barrier to protect against contamination. In our new one-day training, we provide you with everything you need to know about the requirements for cleanroom clothing, give useful tips on clothing management and practise the correct handling and donning of (sterile) cleanroom clothing.

The special feature: You also get a look behind the scenes. You will go on a tour of a cleanroom laundry and learn how cleanroom garments are professionally processed. 

Target group:
Cleanroom personnel (GMP, ISO), pharmacy personnel (§35 ApBetrO), service providers in ISO and GMP cleanrooms

Seminar contents:
Topics – theory

  • General and specific requirements for cleanroom clothing
  • Barrier function of cleanroom clothing
  • Garment components of the different cleanliness classes according to relevant norms and standards
  • Garment management
  • Comparison of disposable and reusable garments
  • Requirements for the reprocessing of reusable garments

Topics – practice

  • Active exercise on the correct donning of various clothing components, e.g. coveralls, textile bonnet, gloves
  • Practical exercise on the airlock procedure

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

550.00 EUR (plus value added tax)

10.09.2024 / 10:00 - 16:00 o` clock



Your 3 ways to knowledge

Reinraumschulung Anziehen

Day training courses

You come to us

In our training centres, we offer a comprehensive programme of one-day training courses on cleanroom requirements (ISO 14644, VDI 2083, GMP guidelines) and practice correct conduct, locks, dressing, cleaning and disinfection under real conditions.

Karte Cleanrooms Training

We meet online

Online training

NEW: The Cleanroom Academy Online

To offer you the greatest possible flexibility, we have expanded our offering to include an online platform. This allows you to conveniently complete online courses yourself whenever and wherever you want.

Cleanrooms Online Dashboard
Cleanrooms online Learning

Online seminars with trainer

In an online seminar, you have the opportunity to attend the following modules on your desired date with a live trainer via an online platform: Behavior in the Cleanroom, Basics GMP & now also NEW: Professional Cleanroom Cleaning. Simply contact us!

We come to you

NEU: Unseren modernen Campus in Dreieich mieten


How many employees can participate in classroom training?

Up to 12 employees can participate in classroom training. Of course, the interactions between the Trainer and your employees will be more intense when the group is smaller. This is especially true for cleaning coaching sessions. 

How many employees can participate in an online training course?

Technically speaking, many people can attend via the Internet. However, this increases the risk of technical problems, also on the participant side. There is also less scope for interaction between the Trainer and participants. Therefore, we favour participant numbers comparable to those for classroom training.

Can we have our specific problems dealt with in the training course?

Of course, we take your wishes and suggestions into account for a solution-oriented approach. 

In fact, for coaching sessions, this is essential to ensure that you get maximum benefit from the event. That is why our Trainers are happy to come to you for a preliminary consultation.

What are the requirements for classroom training in our company?

First of all, we need a suitable room with the appropriate presentation technology for the training. If necessary, we can also bring them with us – we should clarify this in a preliminary discussion.

You stand to benefit most if we carry out the practical exercises with the training participants in your authentic environment. This applies to cleanroom cleaning and training on cleanroom compliant behaviour, as well as all other agreed practical tasks. This is indispensable for coaching sessions. 


Training for Corona vaccine producers

In 12 units the ReinraumAkademie currently trains the employees for the responsible task in the cleanroom.

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New Cleanroom Academy Campus opened in Dreieich

On 6 July 2023, CWS Cleanrooms officially opened its new Cleanroom Academy campus in Dreieich together with invited customers.

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Why seminars from the Cleanroom Academy are the right choice for you

From experts for experts

Many cleanroom processes can be specifically protected against contamination. To this end, we provide you with essential basic knowledge about the structure and function of cleanrooms, classification and monitoring, as well as regulatory and normative requirements. We are happy to respond to your specific requirements on an individual basis.

In-house training

Well-qualified personnel are crucial for the processes in the cleanroom. In our on-site seminars, we convey knowledge from our many years of experience and provide you with practical support.

Optimising processes

Correct personnel behaviour is a decisive parameter for the protection of your production process. We sensitise your employees to quality-relevant processes – from dressing to cleaning and disinfection. The aim is for them to recognise, understand and avoid critical points. Training courses not only serve the pure knowledge transfer and refreshment of work contents, but also motivate your employees at the same time.

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Do you want to know more about our training offer? Then please feel free to contact us.