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Reliable protection

Simply rent PPE – Reliable protection for your PPE workplaces

There is no alternative to personal protective equipment (PPE). Your employees require uncompromising protection when performing dangerous tasks and safety knows no comprises. Protective clothing only retains its protective function if it is reprocessed professionally on a regular basis, which is why the PPE collections from CWS are all available in our rental service. We continuously check your clothing’s protective functions and ensure that it always meets the latest occupational safety requirements.

Safe, safer, CWS

Safety based on trust. Your staff trust in you to provide suitable clothing and millions of customers all over the world place their trust in CWS. Right from the word go, our experts are on hand to offer support and advice and ensure that your staff gets the protection they need.

Opt for professional PPE reprocessing

  • Allow us to provide you with tailored advice and support from our extensive network of specialists.
  • We procure the right, standard-compliant protective clothing for you.
  • We can happily customise these items in line with the standard requirements.
  • We professionally clean and maintain protective clothing and reprocess all items in accordance with the relevant standards.
  • We regularly check the protective functions, taking the standard and manufacturer’s specifications into account, and perform professional repairs as and when required.
  • Faulty items of clothing are separated out and repaired.
  • We dispose of items of protective clothing which can no longer be used in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • On request, we can even deliver the clothing right to the wearer’s personal locker.
  • And during the entire cycle, you can rest assured that we adhere to certified procedures and processes and comply with the statutory specifications.

Certified procedures                                                        

Only protective clothing which is professionally cared for and maintained permanently fulfills legal requirements. With the introduction of a certified process in accordance with ISO 9001, CWS is helping wearers and companies to meet their responsibility to ensure the permanent protective function of protective clothing.

In the words of our PPE expert

PPE is subject to numerous regulations and standards. In my opinion, it is extremely difficult to wash protective clothing yourself in a correct and safe manner. It takes a professional.


Werner Münnich, PPE Lead at CWS.
Werner Münnich