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Hygiene in the Education Sector

Hygiene measures in schools are a basic requirement for optimal school operation. CWS helps you to create an appropriate hygiene plan for primary schools or a hygiene concept for universities.

A healthy school environment

Learning for the Future

Hygiene in schools, universities and other educational institutions is particularly important to ensure a healthy and performance-promoting environmentHygiene rules and proper hand washing should already be part of the curriculum in primary schools. In addition, every primary school, secondary school or university should have its own hygiene concept and hygiene plan.

As experts in hand-, toilet- and air hygiene, we would be happy to discuss with you how you can achieve optimal hygiene in your educational institution in a safe and responsible manner. In addition, you can save costs by ensuring adequate hygiene in the school. This means more funds are available for investment in students.

The most important topics on school hygiene and air quality in education are:

Reducing absenteeism among teachers

Schools hit by flu epidemic

Last winter, the Netherlands suffered the largest flu wave since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. This has also had an effect on absenteeism among teachers. In education, absenteeism due to illness is on average 6 percent, a lot higher compared to many other professional groups.*

On average, home sick for 20 days

Education staff are sick for increasingly longer periods of time. Teachers spend an average of 20 days at home.* The higher absenteeism due to illness not only causes backlogs and extra workload, it also results in significantly higher absenteeism costs. That is why it is important to take hygiene measures to reduce absenteeism due to illness among teachers.

*Source: General Education Union

Greater Hygiene Helps Lower Costs

The spread of bacteria and viruses, but also a safe workplace play an important role in absenteeism due to illness. Good hygiene at school is necessary for both teachers and students.

Below you will find 4 recommendations that can be implemented separately and in combination to increase safety and hygiene in education and save on (absenteeism) costs.

Combat Period Poverty

Equal educational opportunities for female students

1 in 10 girls in poverty sometimes miss school because they do not have enough money to buy menstrual products. Give female pupils and students an equal opportunity and help combat period poverty. With the CWS Tampon Dispenser in the toilet you provide discreet access to a free tampon when necessary. So that no one has to miss a day of school.

More information about tampon dispensers

Hygiene in Primary School

Did you know that most parents choose a school after checking its hygiene? The immune systems of toddlers and young children are still developing and are therefore more susceptible to infectious diseases. Good hygiene at school ensures that the health of the children and teachers is maintained. With child-friendly dispensers from CWS we help to comply with the hygiene directive.

Children and handwashing: the do's and don'ts

Hygiene in secondary education

Onderwijs hygiëne

Regardless of whether young people are concerned with their appearance and paying attention to hygiene, hormonal changes affect the sweat glands and unpleasant odors can take over the classroom. A professional air freshener neutralizes these unpleasant odors and provides a pleasant scent experience.

Feminine Hygiene is a must

The body of young adolescents is still growing. Girls are confronted with, among other things, their menstrual period during school hours. That is why toilet facilities such as hygiene boxes and/or tampon dispensers are necessary.

Hygiene at colleges and universities

Bacteria also have free rein at colleges and universities. With 100 students in a lecture hall for at least one lesson hour, and then receive the next 100 students in the same places. Elevator buttons, stair railings, door handles and toilet areas are used every day by hundreds of students and teachers.

Increasing Awareness

Students are increasingly aware of the consequences of poor hygiene. The sanitary facilities must be neat and tidy if you want to attract students and have them come to campus. CWS has user- and maintenance-friendly dispensers.

Universiteit bibliotheek met studenten

The consequences of poor air quality at school

Prevent Health Complaints

An inventory by the National Ventilation Coordination Team shows that only 40% of the school buildings examined meet the existing standards. The government is making money available to school boards and municipalities to improve air quality in education.*

Airborne Infections

Research has shown that you can be infected with a virus via small droplets (aerosols) over a greater distance. Poor air quality at school also lead to other health problems such as:

  • Respiratory tract problems/asthma
  • Irritation to eyes and skin
  • Allergic reactions
  • Headache
  • Concentration problems

Prevent this by improving the air quality in education with professional Boflora air purifiers. An air purification system and planter in one, with environmentally friendly, lifelike artificial plants.

*Source: Rijksoverheid

Why a professional Boflora air purifier for schools?

Healthy and clean air for students and teachers

Ventilating by opening a window is an obvious solution, but this allows pollen and particulate matter to enter. Moreover, this is not pleasant in winter because of the cold. Improve air quality in education with our professional air purifier, which is also a stylish addition to the classroom or lecture hall. Without purchase costs thanks to rental contract incl. maintenance.

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The benefits of an air purifier for schools

Ventilation by opening a window is obvious, but be careful: this allows pollen and particulate matter to enter. Improve air quality at school.

Clean air through certified filter system
Neutralizes harmful aerosols with UV-C light
Kills viruses and prevents airborne spread
Stimulates work and learning performance (better concentration)
Proper operation is assured through our periodic maintenance
More (air) hygiene at school
Voordelen luchtzuiveraar

Stylish addition to the classroom or lecture hall

We do not offer an air purifier that gets in the way or makes noise, but a silent, stylish addition to any interior. Completely kid-proof & student-proof.

Pleasant working and learning environment with varied greenery
Noise reduction through acoustic effect of plants
Plug & play: place a planter and you're done!
Environmentally friendly lifelike artificial plants
A safer and healthier school climate
No purchase costs thanks to rental contract

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