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Alpha HighVis

​The perfect combination of high visibility and environmental protection​

Sustainable high-visibility and weather protective clothing

Alpha HighVis is our first collection to be produced from a textile which is 100% ecological – and we can prove it. Tecawork Ecogreen™ is certified in accordance with the EPD®.

With Alpha HighVis, you not only demonstrably reduce your carbon footprint, you also get state-of-the-art and high-performance high-visibility clothing to boot. The Tecawork® Ecogreen fabric offers an outstanding level of wearing comfort. Comprising lyocell and recycled polyester, this material blend is extremely robust and durable in addition to offering high colour brilliance (even after many washes).

CWS HighVis Collection Alpha HighVis

Furthermore, the clothing impresses with its high breathability and is wonderfully soft to the touch.

  • Lyocell absorbs moisture 50% better than cotton, meaning sweat is wicked away from the body more quickly.​

  • Made from 100% TENCEL™ lyocell fibres from sustainable timber production and 100% recycled plastic bottles.​

  • TENCEL™ lyocell makes the textile wonderfully silky and gives it excellent moisture-regulating properties.​

  • Soft fabric with a high feel-good factor and textile UV protection


Your contribution to the climate

  • 95% less water consumption²​

  • 91% less global warming²​

  • 45% less energy consumption²​

  • 30% lower GHG emissions²​

  • Fewer chemicals and pesticides used compared with a standard polycotton blend

TecaWork Ecogreen






² Compared with the production of cotton and standard polyester.

Easy to combine and wide range of uses

Alpha HighVis’ advantages are particularly evident when it comes to kitting out large workforces and employees who change their clothing often or whose duties are associated with high levels of wear and tear.

CWS Alpha HighVis Jacket
  • Corresponds to the: EN ISO 20471 and EN 13758 safety standards, tested to 40+​

  • Available as: Work jacket, work trousers, dungarees ​

  • Colors: up to 7​ colors to choose from

  • Wonderfully soft to the touch and extra durable: 260 g/m2

  • 100% ecological material: 65% recycled polyester and 35% TENCEL™ Lyocell​

  • Unisex fit for both male and female wearers

CWS Alpha HighVis

The advantages of Alpha HighVis​

  • State-of-the-art and high-performance high-visibility clothing​

  • Outstandingly comfortable to wear​

  • Extremely sturdy and durable​

  • Soft to the touch​

  • High colour brilliance (even after many washes)​

  • Excellent moisture-regulating properties​

  • Perfect combination of low price and high performance

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