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Profi Line Outdoor

Keeps you extra warm and dry: Weatherproof functional clothing with GORE-TEX

Profi Line Outdoor offers you comprehensive protection at low temperatures and in adverse weather conditions.

Developed for all work performed temporarily or continuously outdoors, this collection impresses with its outstanding wearing properties. Even in cold and wet working conditions, this clothing offers warming and dry protection.

CWS Profi Line Outdoor

All garments are vapour-permeable, meaning sweat can escape easily and moisture is not retained within the clothing system; the body is protected against overheating and overcooling resulting from the wind chill effect.

CWS Prof Line Outdoor
  • Corresponds to the EN 343 and EN 14058 safety standards​

  • Available as: Softshell jacket, fleece jacket, winter jacket, winter vest, parka and trousers with braces​

  • Colours: 11​

  • GORE-TEX membrane​

  • Unisex: Suitable for everyone


the membrane with waterproof advantages

  • Impermeable to water droplets​

  • Transports moisture from inside to outside​

  • Optimal wind barrier​

  • Protection against overcooling resulting from the wind chill effect​

  • Can be worn for up to 8 hours without interruption at temperatures of up to 20°C taking breathability into account




CWS Profi Line Outdoor

The advantages of Profi Line Outdoor​​

  • Year-round weatherproof clothing​

  • Made from a windproof, water-repellent and high-performance fabric with 100% polyester or polyamide​

  • Great freedom of movement​

  • Extremely comfortable to wear

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