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Reliable welding protection

Radiant heat, welding beads or liquid iron spatter: anyone who welds should always do so in professionally prepared welding clothing that fully covers and protects the body.

Welding Protection

Hard-wearing, flame-resistant welding clothing made from innovative fiber blends for cut-off grinding, flexing and all welding processes.

Not all protective welding clothing is the same: The occupational safety of employees is achieved primarily through high-quality fabric, the choice of the right protection class and professional cleaning and care of the clothing. At CWS Workwear, you can obtain welding clothing made from proven flame-resistant cotton as well as from lightweight, tear- and cut-resistant high-tech fabrics that insulate against incident heat and arcs. In both cases, you achieve optimum protection for the welders and welding operators in your plant.

The CWS range includes five collections of protection classes 1 and 2. Choose from over 30 standard-compliant garments those that meet the specific requirements of your workplaces and your individual budget. We will be happy to advise you personally. Included in our flexible service: professional cleaning and maintenance of the clothing, which is the only way to ensure compliance with the standard in practice.

CWS Workwear Alpha Welding 1

Alpha Welding 1

Welding protective clothing made of 100 percent flame resistant cotton.

CWS proFlex4 Essence Teaser Image

proFlex4 Essence

Extremely durable welding protective clothing with arc protection based on Kevlar® and Nomex®.

Schweißerschutzkleidung proFlex 4 advanced

proFlex4 Advanced

Extremely durable welding protective clothing with arc protection based on Kevlar® and Nomex® - additionally equipped with reflective zones for better visibility.

Alpha Welding 2

Alpha Welding 2

Robust protection made of flame retardant cotton and polyester with reflective stripes for better visibility and antistatic finish for explosive environments.

Pure Welding 2

Pure Welding 2

Extremely durable welding protective clothing for confined spaces or overhead work made of flame-resistant cotton with polyamide and reinforcements of Kevlar® and Nomex®.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

You have questions about welding protective clothing? We (hopefully) have the right answers. We will be happy to advise you personally and individually which welding clothing from our range is suitable for you.

When must class 1 or class 2 welding protective clothing be worn?

Class 1 welding protective clothing protects wearers:inside for occasional welding, Class 2 clothing for frequent welding.

Less risky welding operations include (Class 1):

  • Gas fusion welding
  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • Brazing
  • Spot welding
  • MMA welding (manual arc welding) with a rutile coated electrode

Class 1 clothing provides protection during less risky welding operations on machines such as:

  • Oxygen cutting machines
  • Plasma cutting machines
  • Resistance welding machines
  • Table welding
  • Machines for thermal spray welding

For these welding processes you need protection class 2 for more dangerous welding work:MAG-Schweißen mit CO2 oder Mischgasen

  • MAG welding with CO2 or mixed gases
    MIG welding with heavy current
    Self-protective flux-cored arc welding
    Plasma cutting
    Oxygen cutting
    Thermal spray welding
    MMA welding with basic or cellulose coated electrode

Risky work situations also require Class 2 welding garments, such as:

Overhead welding or cutting, or working in

  • forced postures and/or
  • confined spaces

What do I have to look out for in protective welding clothing?

The requirements for protective welding clothing are high: For example, welding clothing must completely cover the upper and lower body, neck, arms and legs during work. 

In addition, protective welding clothing must be designed in such a way that there is no electrically conductive connection between the inside and outside. This means that fasteners must be concealed.

Pockets, if any, must be fitted with flaps that cover the pocket openings by 10 millimeters on each side. This ensures that no sparks or metal splashes can enter an open pocket. For side pockets below the waist, the opening must not extend forward more than 10 degrees beyond the side seam.

Now before you measure yourself: At CWS Workwear, you can always get welding clothing that conforms to standards and meets all requirements.