Your equipment for hand hygiene

Washing your hands is one of the most important hygiene measures in your private and professional life. Discover our wide range of products for cleaning and caring for your hands.

Hand hygiene products from CWS

Our products for hand hygiene range from robust stainless steel dispensers to innovative mixer taps. Depending on the model, some devices are also equipped with touchless technology.

Cloth towel dispenser

Paper towel dispenser

Soap dispenser

Hand disinfectant dispenser and hand sanitiser

Hand cream dispenser

CWS rental service

Rent instead of buying – Benefit from our expertise

At CWS, you can obtain all hand hygiene products from our low-cost rental service. We take care of the equipment's professional installation and maintenance, and also deliver the supplies. We are happy to advise you on your options.

CWS Hygiene Solutions

CWS Solution Hygiene Washroom Optimization

Washroom optimisation

Whether you prefer a towel dispenser or the whole works - design your washroom according to your needs.

CWS Solution Hygiene Hande Hygiene Optimization

Hand hygiene optimisation

Proper hand hygiene takes cleaning, protection and care equally into account.

CWS Hygiene Wellness Hygiene

Providing hygienic comfort

Stylish, easy-to-use designs give visitors a sense of comfort.

CWS Solution Hygiene Infection Protection

Infection prevention for employees and guests

Our products help reduce the risk of infection inside and outside washrooms.


Do you have any questions about our hand hygiene products? We are here to help.

Insights and topics

We conserve resources

With our cloth towel rolls, we not only improve hand hygiene but also help the environment. Learn more about our recycling system.

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Certificates for CWS hygiene products

EU Ecolabel

European Eco-label


FSC seal of approval

Blauer Engel

Blauer Engel  Umweltzeichen

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Textile seal
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Textilsiegel

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