70 years of hygiene and caring: CWS celebrates birthday

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28 March 2024 Hygiene

CWS has been a key player in hygiene solutions for seven decades. Founded in Switzerland in 1954, the company's journey began when Mrs Schnyder discovered cloth towel dispensers during a visit to the USA. She recognised the transformative potential of such devices in improving hygiene practices. In 1958, her husband, Conrad Wolfgang Schnyder, introduced the first CWS towel dispenser in Europe, revolutionising washroom hygiene by replacing shared towels with a more hygienic alternative.

Pioneering sustainable washroom solutions across Europe

Over the years, CWS has introduced a number of ground-breaking innovations, including the world's first electronic towel dispenser in 1976 and the 'Cleanseat' toilet seat, establishing itself as a leader in washroom hygiene technology.

Since entering the German market in 1958 and being acquired by the German group Haniel in 1981, CWS Hygiene has continued to expand. Today, the company has operations in 15 countries across Europe.

Caring for you since 1954

Over the years, CWS Hygiene has become a leader in washroom hygiene. Its journey has been driven by scientific research that has consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of towel dispensers in removing bacteria and preventing cross-contamination. As washroom standards evolved, CWS Hygiene continued to adapt, intensifying sustainable practices and modern design elements into its solutions.

And today? In its 70th year, CWS Hygiene remains committed to providing customer-centric, sustainable hygiene solutions through more than 4,000 dedicated employees representing 73 nationalities. Its commitment to hygiene and its vision for a healthier future remain. With a focus on making a positive impact on society and the planet, CWS Hygiene looks forward to continued innovation and growth to set the standard for hygiene across Europe.