Let’s talk about…toilet paper!

Today, on Toilet Paper Day, people around the world are drawing attention to the hygienic necessity of this everyday item.

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26 August 2021

In many regions, toilet paper is an integral part of daily life and it is hard to imagine life without it. Similar to running water or electricity, the functional paper is taken for granted by most people. What happens when it threatens to become scarce was demonstrated during the Corona pandemic: In March 2020, sales of toilet paper in Germany shot up by 211%, even though there was no supply shortage during the lockdown. The mere thought of living without toilet paper for even a single day caused many to hoard it in large quantities.

Not yet convinced of the high value of simple paper? Then the following result will certainly come as a surprise. In a survey, 49% of the participants answered the question what they would take with them to a desert island with toilet paper instead of food. If that's not a reason to celebrate the "white gold", as it was also jokingly called in spring 2020!

As a sustainable service provider for hygiene systems, CWS implements the idea of recycling at all levels: from our business units to our product service systems to the toilet paper we use. For example, 75% of CWS toilet paper is recycled and does not have to travel long distances due to its European source. Recycling is very important in this context, because it takes about 384 trees to produce the toilet paper that a person uses on average during their lifetime.

CWS takes sustainability seriously. Sustainable change requires a paradigm shift at all levels of society. Tomorrow, CWS will therefore launch a campaign that focuses on the ecological aspects of our lives. Because each individual can contribute to a change - stay tuned.