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CWS Hygiene

CWS offers a complete range of sanitary hygiene solutions. We know better than anyone else how to leave a positive impression on visitors with a clean and hygienic washroom. Our various solutions provide answers to a wide spectrum of questions. 

Known for excellence in service and high-quality designer dispensers, CWS works with service partners who share our passion for hygiene and are committed to outstanding operational excellence. 

CWS Hygiene Export operates in many countries and we are constantly growing and looking for new distributors. If you are a leading business service provider in your country and are interested in joining the CWS Hygiene network, please feel free to contact us to discuss a partnership. Already an existing partner? Then you can log in here.


Why CWS?

  • Part of CWS Group as one of the leading suppliers of hygiene solutions in Europe with yearly sales of > 1 bn EUR

  • Award winning product portfolio will help you to distinguish yourself from competition in your home market

  • Trusted partner with longterm distributorship relationships in more than 20 countries worldwide

  • Sales training for all new partners in order to develop jointly your market


  • Extensive sales & marketing support

  • Partner area on homepage with relevant info such as data sheets, brochures, pictures etc. ready for easy access

  • Dedicated team to support you with your needs and in due time

  • Warehouse on site in order to keep delivery time as short as possible

  • Leader in sustainable products

Most frequently asked questions about CWS Export

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In which markets does CWS Export operate?

The CWS Group operates within its own subsidiaries in 16 countries with an emphasis on Europe. Check our homepage for details on our operational footprint. Outside these markets, all other markets are already covered by one of our partners or in the future by a partner. For more information about your market, please reach out to our Export Department.

Do you grant your partners exclusivity in their territories?

We grant partners exclusivity for their regions, but we also expect them to have a clear focus on introducing the CWS product range. We will jointly set annual goals that must be met to maintain exclusivity. CWS Export will support you to achieve those goals, but in the end it depends heavily on the efforts and dedication of the partner.

What is the ideal partner for CWS?

Business models differ and since CWS is a leading provider of hygiene solutions in the washroom in its core markets, a rental solution may not yet be the right solution for your market. But what we expect from our partner is the same passion for hygiene solutions and the desire to make the world a healthier and better place through a strong focus on our hygiene solutions. Furthermore, it is preferred if your company is a respected market participant in its own market with strong ties to a broad customer base and relevant experience in the B2B segment. And if you have employees who are technically savvy and you operate your own service distribution network, then it's time to approach CWS.

What makes CWS unique?

In addition to our passion for service, we are one of the leading suppliers of hygiene solutions in Europe when it comes to design, sustainability and distinctive solutions. Like previous product lines, the new PureLine from CWS has received the famous Red Dot Design Award. The fresh look makes the series an eye-catcher in any washroom. But design aside, CWS products are there to last. Once installed at a customer's facility, they can stay on the wall for years without losing their functionality. Finally, we have products in our portfolio that are second to none, such as our CWS CleanSeat or the IQ dispenser. Check out the product section for more information.

How does CWS support its export partners?

As a small team within a large company, we have access to all the relevant support that will help you grow the CWS business in your market. Quick response times and a customer portal with all relevant information such as data sheets, certificates, images, etc. will be available to our partners when needed. Contact us for more information.

What kind of training support is offered?

Once it has been decided that we will work together, we will invite you to our German headquarters to learn about our product portfolio firsthand. Depending on the product, some items are more self-explanatory than others, which is why this training session is useful before you start working in your country. If our support is needed during the year, we will discuss together how to handle this the most efficient way, through digital solutions or mutual meetings.

Can I order single units?

As a partner, you can order the smallest packaging unit, but as mentioned above, we expect our partners to focus on the CWS range and to meet certain sales targets. Therefore, we only work with companies in the B2B sector, which are willing to invest significantly in this business.

Sanitary hygiene is of great importance everywhere. Sufficient facilities for good hygiene contribute to a safe (work) environment and can demonstrably reduce sick leave. This ensures a representative appearance and a feeling of well-being for every visitor.

CWS is the leading supplier of sanitary solutions
We stand for high quality and reliability, which is reflected in expert advice, professional assembly, and the timely delivery of consumables.

Our high standard hygiene solutions have won international awards and thanks to the wide range of products, there is a suitable solution for every environment. From the traditional family business to large corporates, from classic and rustic to clean and modern. CWS' sanitary hygiene products offer the perfect solution for every area, matching every style and ambience.

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