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Individual washrooms

CWS ParadiseLine gives companies of all shapes and sizes from all sectors the option of customising their washroom furnishings. The dispenser takes into account the latest trends in product design and architecture as well as satisfying the increased demands on quality, hygiene and design.

The panels are available in classic white, modern black and red, silver and the latest trending colour purple as well as green and blue.

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CWS ParadiseLine Individual

By offering complete customisation of the image and text components, CWS ParadiseLine allows companies to integrate their corporate design into their washrooms too, conveying key corporate messages and boosting corporate identity. In addition, the panels can also function as unique and, at the same time, highly efficient advertising spaces.

The customised panels of the Paradise cotton towel dispensers can be employed in the following areas, for example:


Bring your corporate design into your washroom too with your logo, slogan or key visual on a cotton towel dispenser.

"Internal communication"

Use the customised panels to communicate messages such as company guidelines to your employees.

"Advertising financing"

Offer the panels as an innovative advertising surface and open up an entirely new medium for displaying ads. The income earned from the advertising can be put towards financing your washrooms. 

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