Eingangsbereich ausgestattet mit CWS Standardmatten

Protection from dirt and moisture

CWS Ireland floormats helps to reduces dirt and moisture coming inside.
The CWS floormat also provides floor protection and reduce cleaning costs.

Various varieties of standard mats

Eine CWS High-Twist-Nylon Matte im Eingangsbereich

CWS High-Twist Nylon mats

Our high-twist nylon mats are ideal for absorbing fine dirt and moisture. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Further CWS mats

Personal consultation

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Advantages of standard mats

Highly productive

Up to 4.8 litres of dirt and moisture can be absorbed per square metre. Dirt and moisture are guided into the interior of the mat and then retained on top of the rubber base.

Robust quality

Our standard mats are made of high-quality materials and therefore retain their functionality and appearance over their entire life cycle. Regular replacement and cleaning guarantee a consistently clean appearance for guests and customers.

Reliable service

We offer you customised replacement intervals for all standard mats. You do not need to do anything else because we take care of everything: collection, replacement, washing, drying, repair, inspection and delivery.

Mats with high-tech materials

Pure attraction

Our mats are equipped with special high-twist nylon pile to help keep your premises clean. Dirt and moisture are "brushed off" the soles of shoes and immediately absorbed by the mat. The dirt is retained inside the mat on top of the rubber base and the moisture evaporates.

Downloadable information

Our service for your mats

Rent instead of buying for ultimate convenience

Behind all our products stand systematic solutions. Our rental service package not only includes comprehensive advice, but also a service contract. In consultation with you, we agree on how often your mats should be washed and replaced for a fresh mat.

Our solutions for you

CWS Solution Floor Care Entry Areas

Entrance area design

We help you make your reception area more welcoming and attractive for customers.

CWS Solution Floor Care Health Workplace

Health in the workplace

We protect the health of your employees and help create a safe working environment.

CWS Solution Floor Care Special Requirements

Special requirements

Dirt transfer is easily controlled, even during commercial use.


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Get to know our comprehensive range of solutions

CWS Building

We also support your company in many other areas

In addition to dust control mats, CWS offers many more products and solutions for your company and employees. These include, for example, our services for cleanrooms, comfortable workwear and fire safety.


Because we take responsibility

Due to the routine washing process and professional care of the mats, they can be used to absorb dirt and moisture again and again. CWS mats are reprocessed in our own special laundries using certified washing processes that protect the environment and ensure lasting cleanliness.

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