CWS Stainless Steel Air Bar

CWS Paradise Air Bar Stainless Steel: a robust and elegant fragrance dispenser.

CWS Stainless Steel Air Bar

CWS Stainless Steel Air Bar


  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers


  • Intelligent evaporation principle for uniform fragrance distribution
  • Battery operated and therefore can be positioned anywhere
  • Day/Night Sensor
  • Indicator lamp indicates need for service
  • Different intensity levels
  • Fragrances are IFRA tested and certified

Available colors

The CWS StainlessSteel Air Bar is an innovative fragrance system that effectively eliminates unpleasant odours and creates a pleasant ambience. Equipped with automatic cartridge change and day/night sensor, the Air Bar is a clever fragrance dispenser for all types of rooms. The simple and elegant shape and the stainless steel finish give a high-quality and discreet impression.

The fragrance system does not release spray but works on the evaporation principle to ensure an even distribution of fragrance in the room. There are four different levels of fragrance intensity to choose from. The day/night sensor ensures that exactly the right amount of fragrance is always emitted. To avoid getting used to the scent too quickly, different aromas can be used. Thanks to the two fragrance chambers, the change to the second cartridge takes place automatically after the first one has been used up.

The fragrance system is battery operated. This means the StainlessSteel Air Bar can be mounted anywhere on the wall, regardless of the position of the sockets. A battery indicator gives information about the charge level. The battery compartment can be completely removed, which makes changing the battery easy.

The cartridges are similarly easy to replace: The used cartridge is pulled out and the new cartridge is inserted sealed. The fragrance system opens the new cartridge automatically when the lid is closed. And in the case of a full-service rental, cartridges and batteries are changed by CWS in a customer-friendly manner.

The fragrances contain aromas that have been specially developed to combat smoke, sweat or WC odours, so-called odour neutralisers. Instead of just covering up odours, they balance them out. The 11 fragrances differ not only in their notes but also in their intensity, so that the right fragrance can be found for every room.

For washrooms, toilets and changing rooms:

  • CWS Sweet Orange (medium): sparkling fresh citrus scent of orange, tangerine, and lemon
  • CWS Flower Rain (intense): flowery sweetness of hyacinth and rose with a hint of sandalwood
  • CWS Peach Heaven (intense): fruity aromas like peach and apricot together with a sweet note
  • CWS Ocean Fresh (intensive): invigorating like a fresh sea breeze, combined with light herbal nuances
  • CWS Summer Sense (subtle): flowery fresh scent of rose, lavender and jasmine
  • CWS Forest Soul (intense): harmonious fresh scent of spruce and cedar wood
  • CWS Pure Cotton (very intensive): gentle freshness, purity, and care for a feel-good ambience
  • CWS Fresh Lemongrass (very intense): refreshing citrus scent with a woody-green undertone

For conference rooms, reception areas, lounges, spas, care facilities and smoking areas:

  • CWS Silent Wood (intense): bewitchingly woody notes of eucalyptus and forest aromas
  • CWS Secret Spa (medium): elegant floral fragrance with citrus, tea and rose aromas

CWS Magic Fruit (medium): lemony-exotic, fruity note of lemon, grapefruit, and lime


  • The right fragrance system for a variety of rooms, such as washrooms, conference rooms, changing rooms, wellness areas, smoking areas, and many more)
  • Conveys a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Made of robust and high-quality stainless steel


The CWS StainlessSteel Air Bar produces little waste. Two fresh cartridges last for a total of six months, and the automatic day/night function ensures that the filling material is used sparingly.

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