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Hand lotion dispensers

There is hardly any other part of the body where
the skin is subjected to as much stress as the hands.
That is why they need special protection. We provide lotion
dispensers and moisturising hand creams.

Infections spread from hand to hand. Effective hand hygiene is one of the most important and, at the same time, easiest means of reducing this risk. CWS offers a wide range of different biodegradable soapsOur resource-saving dispenser systems in attractive designs dovetail perfectly into any washroom. The CWS soap dispensers are available in three versions: foam soap, liquid soap and antibacterial soap. The different soap types are adapted to different requirements. Extra-large versions are also available for areas with high visitor traffic. The dispensers feature a service-friendly fill level indicator and can be refilled quickly via the “Click-in bottle” system. Upside-down bottles ensure the product is completely used up. All the dispensers in the Paradise Line range are also secured with a lock to prevent theft.


Overview of our hand lotion dispensers

Paradise hand lotion slim dispenser

  • Perfectly suited for all washroom types
  • Ergonomic single-hand use
  • Exclusive front panels in seven different colours
  • Optional customisation for dispensers
  • Recirculation pump prevents dripping
  • Quick-fill system for soap refills with a “click-in bottle” system
  • 500 ml bottle of hand lotion = approximately 800 doses with a reserve tank of approximately 120 doses
  • Hand lotion is dermatologically tested
  • Liquid level indicator for easy maintenance
  • Anti-theft lock

MediLine universal dispenser

  • Perfectly suited for medical facilities, nursing homes or food processing facilities
  • Adjustable dosage
  • Optional removable pump in stainless steel
  • Autoclavable (sterilisation via steam pressure)
  • Flexible or straight tube feed available
  • Also suitable for liquid soap and hand sanitiser
  • Available in anodised aluminium to protect against wear and tear
  • Available in 500 ml or 1,000 ml versions
  • Suitable for standard and Euro-bottles
  • Option available for non-refillable bottles with pre-installed pump

All CWS hand creams are dermatologically tested, pH neutral and safe for skin.