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Hand Lotion Dispensers

We have a range of lotion dispensers and moisturising hand creams to provide special protection for your hands throughout the day.

Commercial Hand Lotion Dispensers

No other part of the body or skin is subjected to as much stress as your hands, as they often do the hardest work. Hand lotion is therefore very important for good skin care. 

With CWS hand lotion dispensers, you get the optimal solution to care for your hands after every hand wash. The hand lotion product itself has a moisturising care formula that softens your skin and prevents skin problems.

The dispensers feature a service-friendly fill level indicator and can be refilled quickly via the “Click-in bottle” system. Upside-down bottles ensure the product is completely used up. All the dispensers in the Paradise Line range are also secured with a lock to prevent theft.

Our hand lotion and soap dispenser ranges are designed to suit several industries and are the perfect hand hygiene and skin care combination to look after your employees and customers. 

CWS Hand Lotion Dispensers offer:

  • Perfectly suited for all washroom types and for use in medical facilities, nursing homes or food processing 
  • Ergonomic one-hand operation
  • Auto-stop function prevents dripping
  • Easy and error-free exchange of hand lotion bottles
  • Universal dispenser suitable for all standard and Euro bottles
  • Hand lotion is dermatologically tested, pH skin neutral, anti-allergenic, free of silicones, parabens, dyes, microplastics and liquid polymers
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CWS Rental Service

Simply carefree!

Thanks to our rental model, we not only take care of the professional installation and maintenance of the hand lotion dispensers, but also deliver the hand cream directly to you. We would be happy to advise you on our services.

CWS Hand Lotion Dispensers

CWS PureLine Handlotion NT

CWS PureLine Handlotion NT

CWS PureLine Handlotion

CWS PureLine Handlotion

Still have questions about our hand lotion dispensers?

You might find your answers below. Please reach out to us if you can't find your question - we'd be happy to help!

Which hand cream is the best for dry hands? 

CWS pays close attention to the international cosmetic industry norms and uses only high quality ingredients in their lotions and creams. Our soaps and hand skincare products contain an amount of emollients, which are good for your dry skin. 

Which hand cream is good and absorbs quickly? 

Pay attention to the ingredients that must be listed on the packaging according to the EU rules. Creams and lotions with Urea, Lantanoin, Glycerin and oil extracts are good for your skin and sink in seconds. All of these elements are to find in the CWS hand skincare products. 

More CWS Hygiene Solutions

CWS Higiénia: mosdóoptimalizálás

Optimising washrooms

We help to improve your efficiency; to do so, we consider both equipment and use.

CWS Riešenie Hygiena Optimalizácia

Optimising hand hygiene

Hygiene measures can stress the skin. We provide gentle but effective solutions.

CWS Riešenie Hygiena Wellness Hygiena

Providing a sense of well-being

We work with you to find individualised hygiene solutions to make you feel "at home".

CWS riešenie Hygienická ochrana pred infekciami

Protect employees & guests

Our solutions enable proper hygiene protocols and help protect your people from disease.

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