Soap, All you ever wanted to know!

Soap comes in many forms solid, liquid or water saving foam, comes in many scents, and has undergone a long evolution. But so important to use everyday!

Washing hands with soap

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7 January 2022 Hygiene

Soap used to look very different than it does today. But what do we actually know about the most widely used hygiene product in the world?  

Soap recipes  

The oldest recipes for making soap date back to about 2200 BC and were found on clay tablets in cuneiform script. Soap was then mostly used to wash wool and hides and consisted of a mixture of ash, water and fat. Only in ancient Egypt it became a product for personal hygiene. Today, soap comes in many different forms, from laundry and cleaning products, such as detergent, to personal care products, such as hand soap. 

Soap with a fragrance  

In the thirteenth century, a hard soap bar with a pleasant fragrance was created in the Middle East. With this, the toilet soap was born.  This luxurious product was transported extensively from the Middle East via the Silk Road. And today, toilet soap is still a popular souvenir.   

Liquid soap  

The first liquid soap was not the substance we know it to be today. It was thick and viscous and not yet suitable for use in a soap dispenser. It wasn't until around 1980 that liquid soap for consumers came on the market, in a soap dispenser. Today, it is impossible to imagine life without liquid soap, and that's a good thing. Liquid soap is much more hygienic to use; we no longer all have to touch the same block of soap. Instead, we get our own portion fresh from the dispenser. 

Invention of the soap dispenser  

In 1989, the automatic soap dispenser was invented. Today we see the non-touch dispenser in more and more washrooms. Not just because it's convenient, but certainly because of the hygiene aspects, since you don't have to touch the dispenser anymore and you can prevent surface contamination.   

Foam Soap, Cream Soap and Antibacterial Soap  

At CWS, we know about soap. That is why you will find different types of liquid soap in our range, in several fine fragrances. Our Cream Soap is Free of silicones, parabens, colorants and micro plastics and is also EU-Ecolabel certified. With our Foam Soap, we contribute to sustainability. Because the soap concentrate is foamed up in the dispenser, water consumption can be reduced by 30% and soap consumption by 50%.   

Hand Hygiene  

Washing our hands today is perhaps more important than ever and antibacterial soap is on the rise. With our Antibacterial Soap, you can play it safe, essential for good hand hygiene. By the way, regardless of which soap you use, it is very important to dry your hands thoroughly after washing with a cotton or paper towel. This prevents the spread of bacteria.  

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