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For the benefit of your employees

Our anti-fatigue mats help you to support your employees' health, increase their performance, and reduce illness-related absences.

Relaxed at work

CWS anti-fatigue mats support a healthy posture and are ideal for fields of work where employees have to stand for long periods. This is often the case in the hotel and catering industry, airports, petrol stations, production and manufacturing facilities, as well as banks and shops.

Why our anti-fatigue mats are worth it

Healthy employees

Our anti-fatigue mat makes the workplace more ergonomic. It reacts to physical movement, relieves leg and back muscles, promotes blood circulation, and is easy on the joints. In this way, you increase the well-being of your employees.

CWS quality

CWS anti-fatigue mats are mainly made of non-slip nitrile rubber and have an anti-static effect. They also have sound absorbing and cold insulation properties.

Lower illness-related costs

Our anti-fatigue mats are designed to counteract fatigue and prevent a decline in performance. This way, you avoid illness-related absences in your company and can therefore save costs.

Individual design

CWS also offers you the opportunity to customise your anti-fatigue mat. This allows you to adapt the design to your personal work area, to convey certain messages, or to bring attention to your own logo.

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CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - starostlivosť o podlahy vo vstupných priestoroch

Entrance area design

Turn the entrance area into your personal business card with our dust control mats.

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - špeciálne požiadavky na starostlivosť o podlahy

Special requirements

We show you how to protect your floor against dirt as well as wear and tear.

Our solutions for you

Anti-fatigue mats

Healthy standing mats

Rental service

The practical alternative—rent instead of buying

You can also rent our anti-fatigue mats instead of buying them.

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CWS Floor Care

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Some questions are more complex, for others a quick snippet of info is enough. If your query is not included in our FAQs, we will be happy to help you further.

How can CWS anti-fatigue mats make standing workplaces more comfortable?

Our anti-fatigue mats quickly reduce the health burden on your employees since they reduce stress on both leg and back muscles. The best idea is to alternate standing and sitting activities as much as possible.

What effect does elastic flooring have on employees’ well-being?

According to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, elastic flooring is very helpful. It reduces the fatigue in your joints and spine when standing at your workstation and additionally helps prevent cold feet. Flooring like this can also be easily integrated later on, for example in the form of CWS anti-fatigue mats. These mats react to minimal physical movement and relieve leg and back muscles and joints.

Why does shock absorption play such an important role in anti-fatigue mats?

Good shock absorption has a positive effect on posture. It's easy on the joints, stimulates blood circulation, reduces fatigue, prevents a decline in performance, and alleviates complaints in the lower back and leg muscles.

Why are CWS anti-fatigue mats comprised mainly of nitrile rubber? What is the advantage of this?

Anti-fatigue mats with nitrile rubber backing are non-slip and extremely durable. In addition to their robust properties, CWS anti-fatigue mats contribute above all to preventing the consequences of prolonged standing at the workplace.

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